Sep 042015
Downtown viewed from a bridge over the Charles River

Downtown Boston as seen from a bridge over the Charles River

This past summer, I was a Product Manager Intern at Verizon Innovations in Waltham MA, just outside the charming city of Boston on the Route 128 corridor. The area was a bit like New England’s Silicon Valley, home to a sprawling community of healthcare, technology and biotech offices. On top of that, there is downtown Cambridge, an area within walking distance of MIT, Harvard, and Boston University with a surge of new offices for the likes of Google and Microsoft. On a per-person basis, at least, Boston easily takes the lead over New York for high tech jobs, with a much stronger tech presence in the local economy and workforce.

As an MBA, be prepared to begin orientation with the other summer interns, many of whom will still be undergrads barely over 20. Hopefully, with the bounty of real world experience and wisdom that you’ve accumulated in the years since college, they’ll naturally look to you for some level of guidance on any intern projects that HR might come up with.

Otherwise, summers in Boston are the best. Memories of snowy winters are cast aside for warm, breezy summer afternoons, without the oppressive heat and humidity of mid-summer in the Mid-Atlantic. Most days, it’s about 10˚ F cooler compared to DC, which makes all the difference between a hot 90˚ day and a perfect 80˚. (Or the difference between an unbearable 100˚ July afternoon and a merely 90˚ one.)

The historic Fenway Park

The historic Fenway Park

4th of July fireworks with the Boston Pops

4th of July fireworks

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