Finally Feeling Oriented

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So, orientation has come and gone, and I’ll readily admit my head’s in a bit of a spin – but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

The orientation program here at the Smith School is a pretty intense process – a full week of seminars, workshops, socializing, more workshops, and applauding. SO MUCH APPLAUDING.

MBA Orientation Workshop
Just before this was taken, we were probably applauding for something!

But as the hubbub dies down and we all get ready for classes to start, the biggest thing I’ve taken away from this is that I’m a part of a supportive community of engaged professionals. One of the main points that speakers kept reiterating during orientation was the concept of “Terps helping Terps” – that is, that all of us at the Smith School, and indeed at the whole of the University of Maryland, are one big family. So it doesn’t matter, for example, that my background is about as far from traditional business as you can get – I’m a part of a community that’ll support me and help me through the tough times. And whenever I can help one of my fellow Terps through something, I’ll definitely give it my all.

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