New Year, New Goals, New… Weather?

January 21st, 2012 by under General, Smith School. No Comments.

Well, I’m back! And I hope everyone had a delightful holiday break. Somehow, I managed to weather the hazards of air travel, a week-long family reunion, Los Angeles, and more air travel, only to find myself arriving amidst quite the snowstorm.

Looking out over the snowy expanse of my apartment’s parking lot this morning, I find myself feeling optimistic about this new year. As a Smith MBA, the second semester is my first chance to take elective courses, and I’ll be diving in bright and early Monday morning with a lecture on social media in internet marketing. I’m excited (admittedly more so about the course itself than the horrifyingly early start time, considering my internal clock is still set to Pacific time), as this is finally my chance to bring my skill set and expertise to bear on the sorts of problems that really need to be examined in the modern business world. What can investors reasonably expect for social media-derived ROI? How can end-users sort out genuine interaction from artificially generated SEO copy? And when will companies start offering useful coupons on Facebook?

Over the next few weeks, as the semester takes off and I start cutting my teeth on some of these marketing humdingers, I’ll take a look at recent trends in business-related social media news. If you have any questions or anything interesting catches your eye, feel free to leave a comment!

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