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Inside a bubble

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Often during my collegiate experiences, both undergraduate and now graduate, I have found that I often forget there is a world going on around me.  I don’t mean that in a literal sense, more in a figurative one.  Its very easy to get caught up in classwork and all of the events and meetings that go on at school.  And while all these things are important and take the majority of my time, the events of the real world tend to be forgotten.  I found myself watching the news last week, and realized that I missed a lot of things.  One of the key hidden aspects of an MBA program is that at the base all of the classes and events that go on, it is a program that teaches you about time management.  With all of the things my fellow classmates and I have to get accomplished on a daily basis, time management becomes the key to success.  The workload may seem overwhelming, but if you are able to budget accordingly, you might actually find that you have an opportunity to look outside the bubble, at least every once in awhile.


My name is Adam…

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