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Frequent Flyer

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As the search for a summer internship continues, I’ve been logging frequent flyer miles as I travel to meet with firms in many different locations.  Just this past week I spent time in the New York City area to go on various interviews.  Its tough because finding an internship is a big concern for most business school students, but classes move so fast that you can hardly afford to miss a day.  Last semester we had no class on Friday, this was great for interviewing, since you could schedule one on a day that didn’t conflict with class.  This semester unfortunately we have a class on Fridays, so it complicates the scheduling process.  Most professors are understanding of the need to interview, but still it can leave you with a backlog of work to get done.


Spring Break

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One of the great things about being a student again is having a student’s schedule.  At times being a student means long nights and weekends spent doing class work.  But it has its advantages, i.e. spring break.  As the first half of our semester comes to a close, the focus shifts toward travel for spring break.  I personally will be heading south, but some of my classmates are going to Central and South America, others are traveling to Asia, and some are going to Europe.  The flexibility to travel and enjoy time away is something I wasn’t able to do while working, but now can indulge in while a student again.