Face-palm moments

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Have you ever had one of the face-palm moments in class when you are thinking to yourself… when am I EVER going to need to use this in a work setting? We have all had them at one point or another in class. So far, almost every class I have taken throughout my MBA program has helped me excel during my internship experience in some way or another. I am now able to read 10ks and cash flow statements from my financial management class, create competitor profiles from my industry analysis class, forecast the demand for helmets for the next 5 years from my market forecasting class and even create and manage databases from my data modeling and decision making class.

So when you are thinking about how is learning Solver in DMD going to help you in a work setting, just trust that the professors are only teaching you concepts that are going to help you and not waste your time.

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Final Presentation

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As part of the internship program, interns need to present a PowerPoint to their team of their accomplishments, takeaways, and their goals moving forward. Some of the interns have the final presentation this week and some have it next week. From what I have been hearing, it is about a 10 minute presentation to your supervisor. However, I am scheduled for an hour to present mine in front of two VPs, a director, my manager, and my mentor. I hope all the practice with presenting I have done thus far will propel me through this!

Who else had to do a presentation in front of their managers as a part of their internship program?



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Part of the formal internship program is getting involved in the mentorship program BAE offers as well. On my first day, I met my mentor who has his MBA from UMUC. At first I was nervous because I did not know what to expect; I have never had a formal mentor nor did I know what to expect out of this mentorship. In our first meeting, we went over what each of us wanted to get out of the mentorship program, specifically what aspects of my skill set he could help me improve upon. He even told me if I even needed to vent or just talk about last night episode of Tosh.0, then he would try his best to be available. It was really great to know that my mentor is so open and wouldn’t judge me for asking some seemingly obvious questions.


Networking, networking, networking!

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BAE Systems Inc. has a formal internship program in which my cohort of about 20 Rockville interns meet up once a month for a developmental module. There are three modules throughout the summer and last week I attended my first one, resume writing and networking. I definitely felt all business savvy because Smith holds similar developmental modules throughout my the first year. Big ups Smith!


Welcome to my blog!

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Hi everyone! My name is Angie Baker and I am a second year in the full-time MBA program studying consulting. Before Smith, I graduated from St. Mary’s College of Maryland (the gorgeous school on the river in Southern Maryland) and have worked in IT with Booz Allen Hamilton and in R&D at H.J. Heinz.

Currently, I am an intern in Rockville, MD at BAE Systems Inc., which is one of the largest defense contractors for the US government. While BAE Systems plc is headquartered in London, the North American subsidiary, BAE Systems, Inc is headquartered in Arlington. At BAE, I work with the price-to-win team performing industry and competitive analyses to figure out at what price our competitors will bid and what price we need to bid in order to win contracts. Since I started with BAE a month and a half ago, there has not been a day that I have not been challenged, which is truly amazing.

I created this blog to share with you some of my experiences at my internship and start an open and informal dialogue with you. Feel free to ask me questions about how I got my internship or what kind of fun things I have learned so far.

Thanks for checking out my blog!

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