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Last Day of Finals = One Bus, 600 Beers, and an All Night Bash in AC!

December 23rd, 2010 by under Smith Lettin' Loose. No Comments.

Exams Over- Fun Begins- AC Style!

There are achievements in life that deserve praise, some by way of intrinsic rewards like a promotion, award, or a simple acknowledgment. Other times extrinsic awards are offered, a bonus or pay increase for example. But sometimes accomplishing a feat comes with no reward or praise; sometimes that accomplishment is considered expected. Finishing your first term of business school is one such accomplishment.

There is no reward for completing one-fourth of your business degree. You don’t receive an award, a pat on the back or a bonus (unless you consider your next semester’s tuition bill). You get nothing for your intense devotion to finance, data models, regression analysis, and marketing plans, squadoosh for enduring long days and late nights in the study rooms, and nada for the grueling exam week.

Atlantic City- One Night, No Sleep, All Good Times!

Yet, one thing I have learned in life is that you must be proud of your own accomplishments, and sometimes that means rewarding yourself. In this instance, our entire class deserved to be applauded for their first semester’s efforts. That’s when it hit me- it’s time to go to AC! Within a small email chain and six hours of Google chat through classes I had booked a bus and with the help of a few classmates locked in forty plus people to commit to an overnight booze excursion to Atlantic City. It was a good old-fashioned opportunity to let loose on the last day of finals, when we were at our weariest.

Karaoke Bars, Blackjack tables, nightclubs and other extracurricular activities paired with an insane 24 hours of story telling, reminiscing and bonding all under the cloud of complete exhaustion was exactly what our class needed. While I do not want to speak for everyone in my class, we rocked out in AC that night, and in the process became more of a family. I can’t wait for next semester for one reason, and one reason only, and that is to continue to grow with this amazing group of people.

Happy Holidays everyone and remember never hit on 16 and 7, 23 and 14-are always winners!