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Change is Here

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It is tough to deny the ever evolving nature of the business world. Companies world wide continuosly have to adapt to new market trends, economic swings (yes – swings, not just downturns…be positive!), and a fast paced marketplace that stresses localization in a global economy. Universities face the same reality too, especially in the

Smith School is ranked #18 amongst U.S. MBA Programs

current culture of competitive MBA programs jockeying for top talent to keep their rankings high. The Smith School of Business is no stranger to this chess game amongst the B-School elite, understanding the marketing, educational and financial commitment that it takes from an institution to increase the value of the education and, better yet, prestige of the diploma.

So it is of no surprise that the past year has seen the rise of a new business school within the walls of Van Munching Hall. Within the span of 11 months, I have seen both a revival of spirits and a more aspirational outlook that is refreshing. I’ll start first with our brand new Office of Career Services.

This beautiful new extension of the Smith School is a professional, sleek area extensively wired with the newest technological advances in recruiting. OCS is now equipped with and employer lounge, student prep area, internationally capable video teleconferencing system and telephone set-ups, new interview and entertainment rooms, as well as a home base for all incoming businesses. This new area not only allows for state of the art recruitment and interviewing, but also a to of the line welcome mat that sets the tone for all outsiders for the full experience they will recieve while as a guest of our house.

The second key part of this transformation has been the formation of the Marketing and Communication Advisory Council. As a current founder of this group, our goal is to have a positive effect on increasing internal and external relations while also developing more effective media for both internal and external communication. By bringing together a diverse task force of twelve persons hailing from different continents, work experiences and future aspirations, we will have an eye towards strengthening the Smith brand both from within and out in world.

I have a distinct sense of pride when I state that I attend the Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, not because we are a Top 20 school today, but because I truly believe with this new regime, mindset and dedication towards a successful cause, that we will one day be a Top 10 or 5 school in the Nation. These are just two of the new steps we have taken towards achieving heightened success, and moving forward, I will continue to share how we will continually better our school. I also ask for you to email me or comment on any of our new media campaigns, changes in our school, or any other communication efforts that you have an opinion on please!

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Entrepreneurs Everywhere!

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As spoken to many times on my blog, I am an entrepreneur who has had some success both in running my company and leveraging it into success in other arenas, including the Cupid’s Cup business competition, which here at UMD and the Smith school of business, has garnered a lot of attention. Being someone who has be honored by the world renowned Dingman Center, one of the top Entrepreneur schools on the planet, has some amazing perks. The most intriguing being that the resident entrepreneurs in the Dingman Center do not hesitate to forward your information to other potential start-up  founding members as they look for insights and ideas in launching their own business ideas.

This week was the first time for I was really utilized by the Dingman Center for aiding young entrepreneurs in their attempts of developing winning businesses, and it was amazing. While I can not delve into too many of the details from the business plans I am hashing through, my impressive Smith Business School counterparts has some relevant opportunities they are pursuing including a traveling party option that allows for University of Maryland students to enjoy night life options outside of College Park and a new age brewery that could change the game in regards to the beers that you sip on during happy hours all over the United States.

While this blog post is more an open line of communication from my brain through my fingers (and don’t you worry Marketing Communications department, I will have a more in depth blog being unveiled tomorrow surrounding more pressing Smith issues…Fantasy Football.), but the point of me sharing this post is simple. It’s the gentle elbow nudge to a friend sitting next to you while your watching a epic movie, a simple nod to awesomeness. I walk down the hill to Van Munching Hall and attend classes, participate in club activities, and oh yeah, sit down with blossoming entrepreneurs who are destined for greatness.

Pure awesomeness.


Summer @ PepsiCo

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PepsiCo Headquarters in Purchase, NY

Hello everyone, and welcome back to school! I hope you all had an amazing summer, because I know I had a memorable one. As I spoke about on my blog, I worked with PepsiCo this summer as a Brand Development and Commercialization Summer Sales Associate (I know, I know, exorbitant title). In my role I worked on defining best in class sales insights for PepsiCo, long and short-term sales strategies across multiple brands, and worked on a multitude of different projects across functionalities. It was an incredible experience working in Purchase, NY in my first ever corporate experience, and while I could bore you with all the reasons why I think PepsiCo is a phenomenal place to work or intern, I will instead stay true to the namesake of my blog, and focus on the Lighter Side of my internship.

The best way to describe a summer internship is by drawing a parallel to the courtship of a female. You take her out for wonderful dinners and unforgettable experiences, share with her your inner most workings and emotions, and develop a rapport and chemistry in an effort to gain that fine lady’s affection. Then, when you have gained her hand and commitment, you sit back and think, “Wait…do I really like her?” That is exactly how an MBA internship works, but I was that female being courted hoping to be loved at the end of the summer! So, I did as I always tell my sister to do when being courted and enjoyed the ride!

PepsiCo, being one of the biggest companies in the world, held no punches this summer. First, we had the opportunity of taking advantage of being the main sponsors of both Yankee Stadium and Citi Field. It started with catching a Yankees game, but ended with an even more impressive softball tournament on Citi Field! We played to the tune of a full PA announcer, our names on the scoreboard and being umpired by some of Major League Baseball’s finest umpires!

Route Ride Vehicle of Choice!

While these professional sports stadium experiences were great, they couldn’t compete in fun with some of our other intern activities, most notably our Intern Olympics, X-Factor performances coached by Emmy Award winning singers, dancers and designers and countless beer garden happy hours. There was also a plethora of educational field trips, including enlightening excursions to one of our bottling plants, one of our R&D facilities and in the field on a route ride with one of our drivers.

Listen to me! Even as I type this blog, I can’t help but refer to PepsiCo in the possessive, because the people there were intelligent, engaging and a simply amazing group that showed me everything about their business, made me an integral part of their team, and gained this man’s affection.


If you’d like to hear more about my summer and what I actual did day in and day out, check out my Smith podcast!


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