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Winter Break – How Amazing (or Hard) Nothing Can Be

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On the doorstep of a brand new career, on the cusp of entering a new stage of my life, about to embark on an adventure of seas unknown, I, Anthony Moniello, vowed to do… nothing. With five weeks of break between our Fall Semester and Spring Semester, many of my classmates made grand plans, traveling to China, India, or Italy, going skiing in Colorado, Utah or locally, hitting tropical isles like Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and Cancun. Other worked hard on job searches, business plans and business competitions.

Utah Slopes - One of Many Destinations Smithers Headed to this Break

But not me.

No, my plan was to do nothing. Looking at what lies ahead for me; selling my company, finishing school and getting a boss for the first time ever, I could see no other appropriate action than no action at all.

So I did a whole lot of nothing (outside of running my business). I played three full seasons of NCAA Football (winning two BCS National Championships with the Terps by the way), played a lot of Zynga online poker and watched a ton of Sopranos re-runs. But there was an inherent flaw in my plan…I’m not good at doing nothing.

My Winter

I actually suffered multiple meltdowns, often screaming at my dog in frustration over television shows, available food or the fact that it was only three o’clock! So, within two weeks I caved and went to the only place that I knew could save me from my boredom and mental incapacity to do nothing –

Nothing didn't last...

Disney World!

The Magic Kingdom aka Home.

I have since booked trips to Vegas in March, New Orleans in March, Miami for Wrestlemania in April and hopefully China in June! I will never do nothing again!

Wrestlemania Baby!!!! Part of my Revolt of Nothing!