Monte Carlo Night

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Monte Carlo Night

Rollin' the dice for charity!

Let the camera’s flash, as Smith showed off their sexy at Monte Carlo night at the Omni Shoreham, one of DC’s most amazing hotels. It was a night of glitz and glamour as a record number of people attended the fundraising event that combines gambling (for over $1000 in cash), drinking and dancing for faculty, students and their dates. At the event was poker, blackjack, roulette, and Let it Ride tables as people gambled fake money for an opportunity to earn raffle tickets. The raffle tickets were then tossed into the pot for the generous Amazon prizes. If you didn’t win…no worries, just like in the real casino, it’s open bar baby!

Dancin' it up...for charity!

People drank their fill to better suite their dancing shoes, as once the casino tables closed everyone “threw their hands up in the air” and said “ayooooo baby let’s go” as they “rocked that” dance floor and they all “went all night” until 12 that is. The dance floor was jam packed with people rocking out!

The night didn’t end at midnight either! The after party poured out into a multitude of bars at Smith collectively let loose. People were quizzing significant others, setting up a plethora or double dates. Others shared drinks with students they have never seen before, of course having

Me and the lady friend about to get our drink on!

worlds collide finally over a few vices. So enjoy the pictures and be

Monte Carlo night had Amazon money prizes of up to $1000!

jealous of the great times!