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Poetry Slams, Juggling, Singing, Dancing & Lele!

The crowds begin to swarm, as the performers prep their voices.


When sitting in our classes at the Smith School of Business, we get to know a few things about our classmates. For instance, I know that Rick Spadaro whole heartedly feels he is the smartest man on the planet and the Joe McDonald believes failures should fail and shoes with soles are for suckers. I’ve learned that Adam Kowalsky is a damn good Scrabble player and Joseph Capone always has more than one great point, but never more than two great points at a time. I know that Marc Cambell has a passion for humanity while Andrew Giessel just fancies wine.  I could go on and on about all that I have learned about my classmates- IN THE CLASSROOM! But it wasn’t until Smith hosted it’s

Worked into a frenzy, crazed fans lost their gourd in anticipation of the show.

first Annual Talent Show did I know of all the passions and skills of my peers.  The days event was jam-packed with a photography showcase and a thriller film by Eric Walthall. After these appetizers and some fresh popped popcorn, it was time for our live performances, started by Dawn Pearlas singing her own original rock song, followed by Becky Eisen singing an American Folk Song flanked by Ananda and Muneer on the guitar. Yet these weren’t the only rock out performers using their pipes. We had a Beatles/Rolling Stones set by Jeff Georlitz and Manas Jha and Lakshmi and Lacey graced us with a few of their favorites jams. But this show wasn’t American Idle, it was Smith’s Got Talent baby! So we didn’t stop with just singing, oh no, we had a Dr. Seuss poetry slam by Stephen Loych, Improv word play by Frankie and Nick, juggling by Brian Stevens and a “Step up to the Streets” levek dance performance by Hou Shang and the rest of the First Groover

The signs were in full force, as groupies gathered for each performance.

advantage dance group! The night was a complete success, and ended on two of the most impressive performances of the night, first with Mollie Moday rocking out on the violin, inciting southern dance. Then, Johnny Graham, in the absence of his full Jazz Band, tore the outside stage down with his sax expertise.

It was an insane evening showcasing the talents of our class, and I think it is safe to say that we all look forward to the second Annual Smith’s Got Talent event next year!







Slam Seuss Poetry...





And Johnny Graham baby!