Cinco de Mayo Party

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2012-05-03 19_24_01Well when someone told me at the beginning of April what the Latin club was preparing for 5 de mayo my natural question was: what 5 de mayo is?. So I started asking domestic students regarding this celebration, but could not find an accurate answer since most of them did not know quite well what the Hispanics celebrate that day.

Therefore I went to our friend Wikipedia to know about the history of this day and realized that it is a celebration of the victory of a Battle at Puebla Mexico in 17… over the French army sent by Napoleon that enable the United States to regroup and gain strength to fight them later. So this day is a thank you to Mexico’s people that fought and died that day.

But is it really this what people celebrates?? Nop, people celebrates what does it mean to be Latino!, so all the people that have Latin background or love Latin culture get together to celebrate this day with a lot of tequila and Mexican food!.

So…you might ask me, what did Latin Smith do to celebrate this day? Well, we prepared a piñata, macho mustaches for guys (or girls too) , flower necklace for girls, awesome Mexican food and a lot of margaritas to celebrate it. Everybody had a great time and where able to called themselves Latinos for one night!

by Ana Castro – 2nd year MBA Student of the Robert H. Smith School of Business.