International Student @ Smith

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As an International student and Latin American Student the first weeks of class were a little bit overwhelming. But not because of the language or cultural differences, it was because I was so unaccustomed for the student routine from the time when I was a working professional before starting the program.

The diversity of the Smith community is one of the things that attracted me the most when I was applying, because having people from different parts of the world gives you an excellent opportunity to know from firsthand how business are handle in other countries.

By class participation you are able to listen to different points of views from a topic and also share yours in open conversations during class sessions. Particularly I loved Professor Godes class (Marketing Management), where the students are the ones who speak, support or contrast someone else’s opinion about the cases assigned. He was serving as a moderator for our discussions and later he would wrap up and tell us how the case outcome was.

I believe that student’s development on the program depends not on only on faculty but also from the experiences other students share with each other.

by Ana Castro – 2nd year MBA Student of the Robert H. Smith School of Business.