Visiting campus for the first time

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VMHandClockTowerWhen I receive the invitation from the Smith Admissions Office to have my interview in person or virtually I decided that the best way to have a closer view of Student Life and overall environment was to have an on campus interview.

So, I took the plain from Caracas to DC. Since the beginning I loved that the city is so green and full of life and diversity. Later that day I took the metro to College Park and started my trip to the School. The Main entrance of the University of Maryland Campus is so welcoming, from the time when the UMD Shuttle passed the big M made with flowers on Campus Drive I felt like I was arriving home. Later I met Rodney an ambassador that showed me the School and share lunch with me before my interview with the Admissions recruiter. He was graduating that exact weekend and even if he was on his last day of school and all his friends were already celebrating he volunteered to share his experience at Smith with me.

All the people I met that exact day (students, faculty and admissions staff) help me corroborate that exact feeling I had at the entranceā€¦I was at home. I can definitely say that people at Smith School makes the difference between only going to school and enjoying going to school.

by Ana Castro – 2nd year MBA Student of the Robert H. Smith School of Business.