World Bank Trek

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The past month we had the opportunity to visit the World Bank facilities thanks to the arrangements prepared by the Smith International MBA Association. I was always curious on visiting the World Bank since I got to Washington DC, because this institution represents the efforts of several countries in the world to stop poverty,  hunger and improve the quality of life in third world countries.

The prestige of the World Bank as parent institution as well as the other institutions under its umbrella such as IFC, IDB and MIGA is worldwide known. So being able not only to visit its facilities but also learning from firsthand the activities the World Bank performs and how its organizational structure works gave me a well-rounded understanding of the role this institution plays to support countries that want to help improve the difficulties some countries face after a conflict, natural disaster or political distress to guarantee the safety and quality of life of its citizens.

The benefit of being so close to Capital enables Smith Students to take advantage of this type of opportunities and learn more about the global picture and how countries work towards improving for example food safety, water quality, maternity mortality or access to healthcare. Nowadays we cannot say “I live here so other country’s problems do not disturb me”; we have to realize that we live in an interconnected world and that the well-being of all its members affects positively or negatively our lives, businesses and ultimately our planet.

by Ana Castro – 2nd year MBA Student of the Robert H. Smith School of Business.

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