Monthly Archive: October 2016


The Home Stretch

      Can you imagine it is been only a few weeks since we started school and we are already in the home stretch phase for Term A? Job applications, elevator pitches and interview preparations for National Black are already so intimidating and when coupled with finals week just gets worse. How do we find a balance between the academics and career? Is it even possible to reach some sort of an equilibrium before all the craziness comes to an end? Well, maybe. I think I have kinda found a strategy that works for me and so I am going to share it with everyone to do my bit for the Terp community.   I have decided to not worry about the finals till after I am done with the conference. I want to give the conference my 100% so I don’t regret not having the learning curve I deserve from the conference. Having said that I am not going to stress and overburden myself with the conference either. I think it is about time we stop (I have) applying for jobs on the National Black website and just concentrate on our SAR stories and elevator pitches. Also, don’t...


MBA Consulting Forum

  The MBA Consulting Club at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business organized its annual signature event, the Consulting Forum, on September 23, 2016. The forum featured representatives from top consulting firms and aimed at facilitating an open dialogue between students and alumni in the industry. This year’s forum was the 18th in the series, and had representatives from around 11 firms such as PWC,  Cognizant, Deloitte, Boston Consulting Group, Gallup, FMP Consulting, MITRE, Hewlett Packard, First Annapolis Consulting and Privatin among others. The forum catered to participants from across the different wings of Smith- Full Time, Part Time, Executive MBA, MPP and the participation surpassed the attendance from all the previous years. Like any other event of this scale, the forum kicked off by Smith School’s Office of Career Services MD, Dr. K’s warm and inspiring words and the importance a consulting role holds in this day and age. Dr. K summed this up by helping us with the 5 key Q’s (IQ, EQ, PQ, CRQ, ImprovQ) required for consulting. This was immediately followed up with a session on Consulting 101 whose panel consisted of Shantanu Chandra- Advisory Manager in Financial Services Cybersecurity and Privacy...