Monthly Archive: November 2016


Dinner with Dean

Dinner with Dean   Growing up I always wished I was given an opportunity to talk to the Dean at my school. I believed my conversation with the Dean would bring about some major reforms such as longer lunch time and no homework policy to the school. These wishes unfortunately never came true growing up, but little did I know they would be fulfilled in business school. One of the signature events at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business is the Dinner with Dean series. Yes, it is exactly what it means. It is Smith’s way of encouraging dialogue with MBA students in a comfortable setting. The venue this time was The Common at the Marriott.  Dean Alex Triantis is usually accompanied with one Professor, this time it was Professor David Godes. Professor Godes is the Chair of the Marketing Department and first-year MBAs core marketing professor. Going into the dinner, my classmates and I were not sure what breath of topics we would talk about but Dean Triantis quickly addressed the elephant in the room and by asking about our background. This made us feel very valued as he took immense interest in learning about...


Hello New Orleans!

Hello New Orleans!!! I thought the first time I’d say this would be when I’d go for Mardi Gras but (un)fortunately I said this when I attended the National Black MBA Conference. Everything leading up to the conference was so intimidating. Dressing up sharp wasn’t an issue but knowing if I was well prepared was surely one. Basically, I was uncertain if I was ready to meet my potential employer and talk comfortably about myself. Knowing myself, it was all the more difficult as I don’t enjoy talking (especially about myself) to strangers. But however, I made it through those two days without any panic attacks and I realized that these esteemed employers are also human and are not there to eat you up. If anything, they help put things in perspective and help  gauge more about the industry, company and role. My takeaways from the conference were: Keep your calm as much as you can, do your best to prepare and don’t stress on the night leading up to the conference, have a good night’s sleep, eat a heavy breakfast (you don’t want your stomach growling when you are talking to employers) and don’t get intimidated by the scale...