Dinner with Dean

Dinner with Dean



Growing up I always wished I was given an opportunity to talk to the Dean at my school. I believed my conversation with the Dean would bring about some major reforms such as longer lunch time and no homework policy to the school. These wishes unfortunately never came true growing up, but little did I know they would be fulfilled in business school.

One of the signature events at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business is the Dinner with Dean series. Yes, it is exactly what it means. It is Smith’s way of encouraging dialogue with MBA students in a comfortable setting. The venue this time was The Common at the Marriott.  Dean Alex Triantis is usually accompanied with one Professor, this time it was Professor David Godes. Professor Godes is the Chair of the Marketing Department and first-year MBAs core marketing professor.

Going into the dinner, my classmates and I were not sure what breath of topics we would talk about but Dean Triantis quickly addressed the elephant in the room and by asking about our background. This made us feel very valued as he took immense interest in learning about our backgrounds.

The dinner started with conversations, exquisite wine and elaborate appetizers such as Tomato basil mozzarella flatbread, mushroom and arugula flatbread, BBQ pulled chicken flatbread, buffalo wings, and hummus with pickled vegs and pita bread. #NomNom



Soon after, Professor Godes walked in. The first years had just taken his first core marketing class and were very excited to learn more about his research and background. Professor Godes is currently researching business transformation through Social Media and Word Of Mouth.

Side note, UMD is one of the most valued research schools in the country.

Talking about a subject I am so passionate about- marketing with the marketing guru almost gave me goosebumps. Talking to him I gauged many industry trends and marketing strategies.

Note to self, read MORE about the marketing industry.

After a few more bottles of wine the conversations turned towards politics especially because the election night was just one day away. I have to admit; it was interesting to get their views on the election.

We eventually called for our dinners. I called for a Salmon and Kale Salad (doing my little towards healthy eating). Needless to say it was delicious! And just when I thought I had done a good job with healthy eating, dessert was served. OMG! One of the BEST cheesecakes I have eaten in a long, long time. Adding these amazing calories didn’t make me feel guilty anymore.




Laughter, amazing dialogue and scrumptious food, for me, summarizes this Dinner with Dean.

Looking forward to more such dinners.

Thank you Smith for this awesome opportunity. It was one of the best evening’s I have had since joining Smith.


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