College Park skies

Sipping my herbal tea by the porch under my building at 6:45am, feeling melancholic and nervous for the new journey I was going to embark on was how I spent my very first morning at College Park. As I saw the sun rise, so did my hopes for the bright future (very truly so) at Smith. 

I have been a sky buff since a while but the skies in College Park just seem more expansive, bright and descriptive. Every sunrise or sunset I saw after the first day communicated a new story to me. The sky exulted and mourned. Every time I looked at the sky, I could be sure to experience a different mood. This was very important as it gave me moments of tranquility before I start my day or after my long day at school. 

I am sharing a few of my favorite photos of the sunrises and sunsets in the hope that it will help you get equanimity when you feel blue or stressed. 


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