Sep 182015

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It’s the first major decision every MBA student must make: “Which school should I attend to earn my MBA degree?”

Every program has their pros and cons, specific attributes that make them unique, and opportunities that differ from all other schools. That being said, each individual MBA candidate must select the right fit for him or herself. With literally hundreds of Full-Time, Part-Time, and International MBA program options to choose from, the decision can appear quite daunting.

For me, the right school was Smith. The Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland offered the collaborative community, the network opportunities in the US Northeast corridor, and the remarkable focus on YOU, the student, that convinced me that Smith it was the right choice for me (I was right). I found the ideal fit, and I’m both lucky and thankful that I was able to make the correct decision for my life and career.

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 9.34.16 PMBecause I feel so confident that Smith is also the right fit for countless of other MBA candidates, I decided to focus this blog on answering one main yet simple question: “Why Smith?”

As this blog progresses, I’ll discuss some of the actions and decisions I made to ensure that I’d find the right school for me. I’ll also include insight from my fellow classmates in order to share their perspectives on why Smith was right for them. Most importantly, I’ll tailor this blog towards helping the next wave of prospective students as they weigh their options and decide which program is right for them.

My name is Brendan Beichert, and I am a proud Full-Time 2017 MBA Candidate at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. Join me as I discuss what events and revelations brought me to Smith, and hopefully, as I help you on your MBA journey as well.