Be Bold, Be Now, Be the Future – Take Action Next Week

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Mar 242011

By Lakshmi Sankar, MBA 2012

The 2011 Social Enterprise Symposium is just around the corner and we can hardly wait! The symposium aptly titled ‘ Be Bold, Be Now, Be the Future’ is bolder and bigger this year with some new items on the agenda including two student focused competitions and panel discussions on topical hot button issues. Yet more than the bigger scale of the symposium, the symposium this year is a call to action – and not just any action but BOLD action… action that will influence how we shape the values of our society today and in the future, specifically in areas of business and corporate social responsibility.

We are living in a time where status quo is being challenged. Muhammad Yunus by challenging the Bangladesh Government’s action to remove him from the board of Grameen is questioning the role of government in social enterprises and begging the question – at what point does a government overstep its role in the successful functioning of an organization? Businesses and corporations are having to rethink the way they do business too. At the symposium one of the topics we will address is how food companies in America faced with new pressures to better meet the needs of their customers are looking to create products that help people live healthier lives.

‘Be Bold, Be Now, Be the Future’ is a chance for each of us to figure out what those issues are that matter to us and that will affect our lives and those of future generations for years to come. The symposium will provide us with several alternatives and avenues to make a difference. It is then for us to take the plunge, to take a stance and create change that will forever impact us and the community we live in today and in the future!