New Insight from the Business for Good Map: Intel & Microsoft

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Jul 242012
This summer, the Center for Social Value Creation has been working with the Business Civic Leadership Center of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in order to explore the success of current Corporate Social Responsibility initatives across the world and the Fortune 100. You can view the original blog posting along with interactive maps here.

As the Research Manager at BCLC I’m excited to report we have the initial findings from our Business for Good project. Conducted with the Center for Social Value Creation (CSVC), this project is increasing understanding of how major companies are positively impacting communities around the globe.

For those familiar with BCLC’s Business for Good Map, you know that last October we released this tool to allow our network of companies to list their social impact projects. The map tracks 18 different issues including health and wellness, water, women and girls, veterans, volunteerism, and philanthropy.

To complement our map, BCLC began a sister project in May to catalogue all major CSR initiatives conducted by the BCLC network and the Fortune 100. In this post we’ll look at BCLC network members Microsoft and Intel. As of today these companies have 364 projects on the Business for Good Map representing all of their major projects from 2011 until today.

Did you know that Intel led more than 150 major social impact initiatives between 2011 and today?


Did you know that Intel led more than 150 major social impact initiatives between 2011 and today? More than 200 partner organizations are affiliated with these projects – and one-third of those organizations are other companies. Intel contributed cash to 45% of these projects – to the tune of $75 million – but just as interesting, funding is not the only way Intel is making a difference. The remaining 55% of these initiatives reflect a major investment of Intel’s employee expertise and/or in-kind donations.

Soon, this type of information will be available for more than 200 companies, leading to new insights into corporate social impact. The pie chart below is an example of what you’ll soon be able to learn.


The chart breaks down the issues targeted in Microsoft’s 214 major initiatives, and it reveals that Technology & Telecom and Education are Microsoft’s major issues.

Of course, this is just a sample of the information we’re uncovering. Soon we’ll know even more. How does Microsoft’s CSR portfolio compare with Kraft Foods’? Which non-profit is connected to the most corporations? How many sustainability initiatives did a company implement in its supply chain (BTW: Intel has implemented eight since 2011).

Information on all of these projects will be accessible through our Business for Good Map, with short descriptions, videos, pictures, and links to the original source pages.

The possibilities for future research are numerous. Does CSR work correlate with company returns? If so, what kinds bring the highest returns? Which sector is leading the way for clean water? Which company is doing the most in Nigeria? No matter the answers to these questions, it is certain BCLC will continue to be a leading source of novel, comprehensive information on the CSR field.

Intel on the Map

Microsoft on the Map


Jul 162012

By Caitlyn Zachry, MPP ’13

Every June, the Center For Social Value Creation and the Center for International Business Education and Research team up to provide a Sri Lanka half-internship volunteer consulting experience for University of Maryland MBA and MPP (Masters of Public Policy) candidates. Students spend two weeks on-site in Sri Lanka working with social impact clients, and ultimately deliver actionable recommendations to their clients as well as stakeholders including USAID, VEGA, and IESC.

1) Watermelon juice is delicious.

2) How to eat crabs using only our hands and teeth as utensils. (As a byproduct, we also learned to provide great mealtime entertainment!)

3) In a competition of coral reef vs. kneecap, coral reef wins.

4) That consulting work can be very enriching, rewarding, enjoyable… and a little bit exhausting (but in a good way!).

Our time in Sri Lanka so far has flown by, and we cannot believe that tomorrow will be our last day working with our client. We have been working with BIZ+, a grant administering organization that is a collaboration between the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), Land O’Lakes, Inc., and Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance (VEGA). BIZ+ was created to encourage the development and growth of small and medium enterprises in post-conflict regions (in the north and the east) in Sri Lanka. The program has over $14 million to allocate in grants for eligible businesses, and additional funding to provide technical support for grant recipients. So far, the program has signed one grant agreement, with an ice factory located near the Northern Province’s capital city, Jaffna. Numerous other businesses are at different points in the application process, ranging from inquiring about the application to awaiting a signed grant agreement.

Since arriving in Sri Lanka, we have had the opportunity to travel quite widely — from our starting point in Colombo to Vavuniya, Jaffna and Mannar for work, and to Continue reading »