7 Pro Tips for Applying to ChangeTheWorld

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Aug 282014

Pammi at the ChangeTheWorld Symposium

You want to gain consulting experience.

You want to apply your skills to a cause you’re passionate about.

You want a program open to any major as well as full-time and part-time students.

You find out about ChangeTheWorld.org Nonprofit Consulting Practicum and think, “This is perfect!”

But then you realize there’s a competitive application process. Don’t let that deter you from this life changing consulting experience! We at the Center for Social Value Creation want to place as many of you as possible with a great nonprofit consulting project. That means finding the project where you’ll be the best fit and the most successful.

So, Pammi Bhullar, our Manager for Experiential Learning, has put together 7 pro tips on how to rock your ChangeTheWorld.org Application and get matched with a nonprofit you’ll love:

  1. Apply early! Even though the application deadline is September 15th, 2014 I’m filling projects on a rolling basis. If you’re a strong fit for a project, then I will not hesitate to place you early.  Bottom line: Get your applications in early to ensure you get your favorite project.
  2. Be Clear about what you prefer and why. I ask for your top three choices in the application. Pick three that align with your passion(s) and experience and then tell me why I should choose you.
  3. List specific skills that make you a good fit. I cannot place every applicant, so make sure you tell me explicitly and specifically what you can do and what experiences you have that align with the projects you’re interested in.
  4. Let your passion show. Don’t have many skills that relate to the project you’re in love with? Use the “additional information” section to really make your case. I love hearing the stories of people truly committed to a cause.
  5. Align the projects to your career aspirations. The point of ChangeTheWorld.org is to give you relevant, real-world experience. I want to give you an experience that helps you get where you want to go, so make sure I know about it!
  6. Apply with a team in mind if you can. New this year, I’m letting you recommend and nominate teammates on the application. I’ve found that teams who’ve worked together before and can meet together often perform better. Showing that you already have strong team dynamics can definitely give you an edge.
  7. Be ready to get your hands dirty! Okay, so this doesn’t directly pertain to the application, but still very important. This is a real-world experience, which means it’s going to be very rewarding and very frustrating. Things aren’t going to go as planned and you’re going to have to be innovative. I’d love if you could show me you’re ready for that in your application.

Now that you’ve got the inside scoop, it’s time to get rolling. Apply for ChangeTheWorld.org Nonprofit Consulting Practicum.  We’re looking forward to connecting you with an amazing project! If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to Pammi at pbhullar@rhsmith.umd.edu