Sep 282010

Julie is blogging live at this year’s Global Corporate Citizenship Conference, hosted by the U.S. Chamber’s Business Civic Leadership Center.  Follow along on Twitter using the hashtag #globalcsrconf.

Today’s opening plenary built upon themes from yesterday afternoon’s session that highlighted successful partnerships.  Panelists from across all sectors really honed in on the strategic roles of the private sector in these partnerships. What should they bring to the table? At what point should business be engaged? And what they can do to help scale and replicate the types of solutions that are working for social entrepreneurs across the world?

In his opening remarks, Microsoft’s Senior Director of Community Affairs, Akhtar Badshah, set the tone for the panel by offering his list of suggestions for businesses looking to engage in development issues.

Be Relevant — Be a part of bringing people together in conversation, and address problems that make sense for your business.  It’s not about giving money anymore, but rather about giving resources, people, expertise and problem-solving capacity. Panelist Gary Fisher explained that Chevron approaches partnerships as a business strategy, as a key to operating in its various environments.

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