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Elective courses help you stand out during interviews.

Now that the second semester has begun, my cohorts and I are beginning our first elective courses at the Smith School. I’m taking a few marketing classes in term C (which runs through late March) and a few finance courses in term D (which runs from the end of term C until the end of the school year in May).

I am excited about my consumer behavior class, where we learn how consumers make decisions about products and how marketers use segmentation, targeting, and positioning (STP) to appeal to consumers. I’m also taking a market research class, where we discuss the applications of primary and secondary research methods to judge market size for products.

Next term I’ll change pace and work on a financial valuation course where I will continue to work with the discounted cash flow model I first learned in term B. I like the range of courses I am able to take at the Smith School, and think the breadth of courses will prepare me for multiple positions out of the MBA program.

I am also happy about the opportunity to work with more MBA candidates. During terms A and B, first years were divided into tracks that took every class together. The block schedule made it easier to form teams for projects, and it enabled us to bond very well with a portion of our class. Now that we are fully settled MBA candidates, it’s great to get beyond our initial tracks and take courses with students from the other track as well as second year students.

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