Aug 212017

I am quoted in the Washington Post:  “Can GE’s Former Chief Executive Turn Uber Around?”

At GE, Immelt oversaw a vast overhaul of the conglomerate’s portfolio. And as a highly regarded executive of a Fortune 500 company, he could bring a calming influence to a company in crisis. “He may be perceived as someone with broad managerial experience to turn Uber around,” said David Kass, a professor of finance at the University of Maryland.

Immelt could also prove to be an enormous asset as the company considers going public. To investors on Wall Street, skeptical of a company often tied with mismanagement and misbehavior, Immelt is a household name. His lengthy stint at GE might translate into a clearer strategy for Uber and a newly expanded executive team primed for an IPO. “His presence would convey a quality image and help improve its perception by the investment community when they go to the public markets in an IPO,” Kass said.

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