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There’s actually a (gross) movie by the same title. It’s gross because the characters work in a restaurant and seem to take every available opportunity to defile their customers’ food. I like Ryan Reynolds now, and I liked him in “Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place,” but I definitely did not like him in this movie. I won’t describe the terrible things the waiters do to the food, so I will allow you to view the movie on your own later. 🙂

Anyhow, the point of this post is…I’ve been waiting all summer long…waiting for the wedding to arrive…waiting for the next event on my calendar…waiting…for what?

I start my job at Target on August 17. My start day was pushed back a week; evidently, someone in my training class doesn’t complete his summer course until then.

So what have I done since graduation?

Bought temporary short-term health insurance offered through Maryland’s alumni association…purchased a bunch of things that will be helpful for both wedding no. 1 on July 30/31 and wedding no. 2 on September 5…bought a lot of other stuff that I needed but had been putting off…

Note all the buying…plus the employment that has not yet started? No bueno. Cash flow is currently…negative.

Anyway, the plan is to get married, honeymoon for a short period, head to Kansas, start the job, get married again…and then write a ridiculous amount of thank-you notes. YES!


the big day

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was May 22 at the Comcast Center. We walked with approximately 150 other MBA program and master’s students, as well as 875 undergraduates…and I can hardly believe this is the end of the road at Smith for me (for now, perhaps)!

That short walk across the stage didn’t seem as if it was enough to represent the two years of work we’d put in. And how do you begin to say goodbye to people you’ve spent hours working with in case rooms, classrooms, and at strange hours of the night?

I’ve never been very good at goodbyes. I consider myself an outgoing person, but somehow I become awkward in two social situations: dating and goodbyes. Luckily, I am getting married on July 30, so the dating awkwardness is negligible. However…a cliche describes it best – the only thing that is constant is change…or the only thing that is consistent is inconsistency…and goodbyes are something I will have to deal with (though awkwardly). 🙂

So to my classmates and colleagues – thank you. I sincerely believe every person we come into contact with changes some part of our personalities, and you’ve all affected me in some great way. And since I’m terrible at saying goodbye (it just seems so cheesy), let’s assume our paths will cross again!

I think I may continue to blog after school, so stay tuned for more news.


rounding the corner

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I’m on last lap of business school — taking my marketing strategy final on Monday. Then I get ready to move and get married until May 22, when I graduate.

Good news of b-school: I got some money back. Between my teams winning the teamwork class presentation competition and the business plan competition, I’m $800 richer! Too bad I’ve already “allocated” it elsewhere (meaning not all of it’s spent yet).

So here’s the deal…I gotta jump on the serious study train tonight. The final’s at 11:20 tomorrow. Wish me luck!


the NBA Finals and Caps feeding frenzy

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After the Redskins reign of success of the late 1980s/early 1990s, Washington D.C. professional sports have been the bane of a sport fan’s existence…at least, for this sports fan. I remember my excitement over the Bullets-turned-Wizards and learning “Hail to the Redskins.” I remember the Washington Warthogs (does anyone else) and when the Caps weren’t cool…which really wasn’t all that long ago.

Caps frenzy seems to have seized the Washington D.C. metropolitan area and hasn’t let go. It won’t, if the Caps keep doing well…since they just beat the Penguins tonight, it’s unlikely anything will change. It’s funny how pro sports in DC have been pretty lackluster, but once a team starts doing well, everything turns around. Everyone jumps on the bandwagon. I’ve been particularly surprised over the types of people in my life who’ve hopped on.

I guess what really inspired me to write this post-with-no-point is the NBA playoffs. The Celtics-Bulls series was amazing, everything you’d want in the NBA finals…although the final game probably could’ve been better. Outcome of that series: I love Kirk Hinrich. I remember cheering against him when Maryland won the national championship versus KU. But I not-so-secretly cheered for him during these games. Don’t worry, the fiance approves – he’s among the Jayhawk loyal.

I was let down by the Celtics-Magic game tonight, with perhaps the exception of 15 minutes of play or so. Really, a 28-point deficit isn’t something I look forward to in the playoffs. But I’ve recovered and have moved on to the Rockets-Lakers game, and now rediscovered Shane Battier.

I remember when he was at Duke, and we always called him “alien head” since the back of his head had strange wrinkles in it. Somehow, Mr. Battier is much more attractive than I remember him being. Where did the alien go?


rediscovering Incubus at 12:26 a.m.

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I wish there was some deep and metaphoric meaning to that title – wouldn’t it make me seem so poetic and artistic? Unfortunately (for my soul), it’s the literal truth (pleasant for my ears). I decided to take advantage of a $15 iTunes giftcard that I won at a friend’s bridal shower and update some of my music. I’m not much of an iTunes user other than loading an iPod – I acquire my music from friends (rather than downloading). Anyway, I noticed most of my playlists were ancient or in desperate need of editing.

Definitely borrowed from the lovely author at : http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g274/Bright_Eyes_513ILR/Angst-Dahne.jpg

Definitely borrowed. I think this is supposed to make fun of One Tree Hill, which I've never seen: http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g274/Bright_Eyes_513ILR/Angst-Dahne.jpg

Long story short (sorry for the paranthetical paragraph above, and here), I rediscovered my “Make Yourself” Incubus CD now ripped into neat iTunes mpeg or mp3 files…and the awesome song “I Miss You.” The last time I remember thinking about this song was after breaking up with my first boyfriend…a good long while ago. How moody and angst -y (good word). If you’d like to see how good I was at wallowing back then, feel free to look up the lyrics. I probably should move on before I embarrass myself.

I’m on the last lap of my MBA education/marathon. I have only two classes to go, Marketing Strategy and our core Business Plan Competition. My team is promoting “Weddings By The Book,” a wedding planning business that offers formulaic wedding ceremonies and receptions for mid-range budget and “less picky” brides. As for marketing…I’ve got a group case analysis and presentation and individual paper to go before graduation. All is well in my world. Between random wedding planning here and there, catching up with friends, and preparing for the big move (to Wichita, KS, if you need to be refreshed), I’m managing.

Incubus’s “Drive” just came on. And back to iTunes (umm, I mean studying)?


procrastination’s a…not good thing

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Only two exams sit between me and May 22 (graduation day). And what am I doing right now? Not studying for an exam that starts at 9:20 a.m. The plan is to re-read the material once, head off to College Park, then re-read it again before the test. Yeah, that’s about the extent of my studying.

Better very delayed and procrastinated than never, right?


seating…first come, first served?

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I was on the Metro this week with a friend – 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday evening isn’t normally crowded on the Metro (unless it’s a game day, which it was not) – but it was on this day. Apparently the red line to Shady Grove had been delayed for some reason or another, and the train was packed like it was 5 p.m. There wasn’t a seat on the train, but I got one when someone left…ahh. Time to relax (on the crowded, stuffy train).

Or not. An elderly couple boarded the train and I immediately offered my seat to the woman. I was surprised, however, to see my seatmate (a 20ish man) remain comfortably seated. On the other hand, the older man was surprised I had actually given up his seat, and said to his wife, “Well, that was nice.”

So now I am thinking about the world I live in and grew up in. It’s the Metro and a young man won’t give his seat up for an elderly couple? And the elderly couple is actually surprised that someone offered their seat to them? Interesting. And perhaps a tough omen for my generation in 5o years.


Assets = Liabilities + Stockholders’ Equity

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If I remember nothing from managerial and financial accounting classes from my MBA education, it is the above equation. Of course, I probably remember more than that from accounting. But I won’t go into detail; you, my faithful readers, won’t care, and I elect not to embarrass myself. 🙂

Very wrong, but I stole this from a blog: http://fisherwy.blogspot.com/2007/12/michael-vick-sentencing.html

Very wrong, but I stole this from a blog: http://fisherwy.blogspot.com/2007/12/michael-vick-sentencing.html

The point of this post is simple. (Side note: I do not approve of dogfighting or anything like it and find it morally horrifying).

I read online that Michael Vick has approximately $16 million in assets…and $20 million in liabilities. It’s interesting that when it comes to every day people who own one house, have one or two incomes, and perhaps two cars, I don’t judge them when their assets are less than their liabilities. After all, the moment you buy a car, its worth plummets below the price you paid or the dollar amount you owe for it. And in this housing market, most homes don’t have any equity…so your mortgage price is already greater than the market value for your house.

But strangely enough, I will judge Michael Vick as I like (let’s keep in mind there is a disclaimer on this blog that says what I post does not reflect others’ opinions, haha). How does one manage to garner $4 million in additional liabilities? By owning multiple homes, cars, and if I’m fair, probably taking care of a lot more people than just immediately family. A Vick-owned home is selling for $3.2 million on the auction block…and there are no takers. And it remains yet to be seen what will happen with his NFL contract with the Atlanta Hawks. A number of NFL teams have come out saying they would not employ him (hoping to spare themselves the wrath of PETA, evidently).

All I know is, I don’t have the right to judge. My liabilities far exceed my assets…unless you can calculate the market capitalization of an MBA. Let me know if you’ve got a good answer for that. 🙂


Traffic optimization

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I’m taking pricing and revenue management right now, and we’re learning how to create pricing schemes with limited capacity…multiple pricing segments…you get the picture. On the way to school this morning I started thinking about traffic optimization, or what it might look like if I had free reign to mess around with traffic, at the very least.

Obviously I don’t know anything about this subject, and I’m wondering for the sake of wondering (probably too much time on my hands and not enough time spent studying for the pricing and revenue management midterm on Thursday).

What if each lane on the highway had designated speeds? You know how sometimes those turtle drivers end up in the innermost lane (designated passing lane, which really means people who speed the most take over the lane and tailgate if you are not driving quickly enough, which is usually 20 over the limit on the Beltway)? Well, what if each lane had its own speed limit – think inner lane 75, next lane 65, outer lane 55. What would happen if drivers were asked to self-select into specific speed lanes? Hm…

I’m sure it wouldn’t work and it would be inefficient. But wouldn’t it be nice just to have a lane all to yourself to drive at your preferred speed with drivers who are going at the same pace?


back in business

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Wedding bears taken from http://images.vtbear.com/linkshare/vtb/medium/wedding.jpg

Wedding bears taken from http://images.vtbear.com/linkshare/vtb/medium/wedding.jpg

It’s back to school time…my last semester as a full-time MBA student. But this time, I’m plagued with full-blown senioritis. The kind that makes me worthless. And yet I must persevere.

I got engaged over winter break (woo hoo) and am inundated with wedding plans. All the time. Every day. I can’t escape. Andy and I are having two weddings – one in my hometown of lovely Rockville, Maryland, and one in his hometown of lovely Wichita, Kansas. I was just in Kansas last weekend looking for a wedding venue there. And I was delighted to find things that were available on my Labor Day weekend date. The only downside is it’s a little over my budget.

Anyway, I have learned something interesting since my non-stop around-the-clock wedding planning began. (It’s awful). Firstly, I was never the kind of girl who dreamed of her wedding (what it would look like, what I would wear, what the colors would be). And it’s coming back to bite me in the behind. I am so laid back, so casual, that almost everything is okay with me.

Secondly, people are always asking me how the wedding plans are going. I appreciate the interest. But I bore myself. So I can’t help but wonder if they are just asking because they are being polite, or do they really want to know? Because if they don’t really care but feel they have to ask, I’d rather not talk about it…I feel boring and I know I’m boring you. So to all the people of my world who have to listen to me talk about my wedding(s), I’m sorry.

Lastly, life is definitely much easier for guys than it is for girls. The centuries-old debate has been settled by the fact that females are overwhelmed by wedding planning and men simply get to show up the day before and the day of. All that talk of who has to bear children, raise children, do the laundry, bring home the bacon, ask the other party on a date out, get down on one knee is irrelevant. (S)he who wedding plans is dubbed the winner.

What I need to do is put off the wedding for ten years and wait until I’ve amassed the fame and fortune that would allow me to hire celebrity planner David Tutera. That is all.