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Back in the swing of things

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Countdown to the end of the semester: about three months.
Countdown to graduation: about seven months.
Countdown to getting a job: ehhh….

Lately I’ve been obsessed with getting a job. Not just any job – the elusive advance offer, cemeted before December. And you know what, it ain’t gonna happen. It’s not just because the economy is not so hot at the moment. Although, as a random side note, I’m sure that’s a major contributor. I knew that as a young MBA it would be tough to find a role I fit. And I was all right with that – the combination of financial assistance and situation, the chance to be with my family, and the right opining in my career made it worth the time. It’s not even all about the money. I’d like to see some nominal ROI, but it doesn’t (and it probably won’t) need to be mindblowing.

All else aside, I’m getting excited about store management and store leadership. It’s an interesting role because I didn’t really need to pursue an MBA in order to make that foray. But I am more and more attracted to a role that gets me out on the floor and in the front lines. The time in the office, in a cube will come. But I’d like to get into an interactive role while I still can (and still want to).

I went to Black MBA a little while ago (with 75 percent of my classmates) because it was in D.C. It was fantastic as always – I had the opportunity to make a couple great contacts and attended a few events. Things are going well, relatively speaking. Sorry for being gone for so long.

I’m still playing club volleyball. Our first tournament is this weekend. Can’t wait!


business jargon

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I spent the summer collecting very common business terms…and have added academic and theoretical jargon to the mix. Excited yet? If that’s not enough, I’ll continue to add to this post throughout the year. I know you can hardly wait.

Let’s talk about business terms. Here are some of my favorites.

  • Dashboard: meaning an interface or platform. Perhaps dashboard sounds nicer and less technical, thus more user friendly.
  • Positive NPV: never, ever talk about negative NPV. Net present value tells you whether a project is expected to make money or not…and of course, we always like to be in the black.

Academic and theoretical terms – the language of business school.

  • Synergies: used to indicate some sort of advantage or ability to exploit the merging of two entities. i.e. HP and Compaq hoped to realize a productional synergy when the two companies merged.
  • Economies of scale or scope: basically, when a company is big enough, it’s able to exploit its size to have a cost advantage. So if General Mills bought enough flour to dominate the flour-purchasing market, it could realize economies of scale and save money in flour procurement.
  • WACC: weighted average cost of capital. Do I really know how to explain this?

year two

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It’s the fourth day of class of my second year as a full-time MBA student. And you know what, it feels nice not to be worried about what new things the semester might bring. (Sorry, first years, but I do mean you). I don’t have to worry about how I’ll survive introduction to corporate finance or data, models, and statistics. Is that even what the course titles were? This quarter brings me implementing strategy, global strategy, project management, negotiations, and some kind of teamwork core class. It should be busy – but interesting.

Next post: commonly (over)used business terms. Keep on the lookout.