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Football overload

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Is anyone else out there (besides me) excited that Texas is no. 1? Longhorns logoOr maybe I should be asking if you’re sick of me talking about UT and UT football. Hmmm.

This weekend was a great one. I finally got to see Texas play on TV (instead of an ACC or random midwest school), my boyfriend Andy was in town for a long weekend, and  I didn’t do a single bit of homework (until Sunday night when I began to regret it).

The Jewish MBA Association set up an event on Friday at the Holocaust Museum in D.C. I’ve been to the museum several times in the past – very recently, too – but have not had the opportunity to meet a Holocaust survivor. And our group was able to hear from a Lithuanian survivor named Sam. His stories were particularly interesting and it’s amazing what he endured.

As for the rest of my weekend, I wish I could say it was extremely productive or contributed to society in some manner…but it did not.

And now I’m plugging away at cases, group papers, and analyses. Also, trying to find a job (somewhat). I’ve decided to move out to Wichita, Kansas to be with Andy. And because I’m geographically limited, my job hunt is significantly different than my internship hunt. I’d love to stay with Target and have been pursuing store career opportunities, so I’ll let you know how that goes. I am keeping my options open, though, and have resigned myself to the idea that I can’t really get serious about the job hunt until January. I’ve been looking at Wichita-area companies, but we don’t really have any alumni out there (no big surprise). It’ll take a bit more work.

Hook ’em!


longhorn fans unite

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I was in Atlanta last week for the National Society of Hispanic MBAs conference. I won’t get into details about the conference – it was fun, and I met a lot of great people – but here’s the really important part. I was bummed to be traveling during the Red River shootout. If you don’t know what that is…

When most people who didn’t go to “The University of Texas at Austin,” when they think of the word “rivalry,” they think of the burnt-orange-and-white  UT Longhorns versus the maroon-and-white Texas A&M Aggies. (Believe it or not, a couple years ago the powers that be decided anytime the school’s full name was written out, it needed to be with a capitalized “The”). And they’re not wrong. That’s the traditional rivalry that’s still full of heated passion…but lately, I don’t think that passion even comes close to matching up with the UT vs. University of Oklahoma (OU) rivalry.

Hook 'em Horns!The game is held every year at the Texas State Fair in Dallas (the second weekend of October). Thousands of students and fans from Texas and Oklahoma convene on the city…their cars covered in logos, decked out in flags, bodies draped in school colors. And don’t forget about the trash talking. That’s the craziest part.

So the point of my post is, I was on Peachtree Street in Atlanta on Saturday, the day of the Red River Shootout, and saw a couple decked out in burnt orange UT gear. I was in a car, waiting at a stoplight, and we made brief eye contact…enough time for me to put up my horns for a silent “Hook ’em Horns!” (See photo on the left)

Now, in any other city, with any other school, one might expect to receive confusion, or a look of fear that the other party believes one might be a stalker. But not at The University of Texas at Austin. There, the “Hook ’em Horns” symbol is universally understood and appreciated. The aforementioned stranger lived up to my expectations. He responded with two enthusiastic “Hook ’ems” and a good deal of excitement. I love Longhorn fans!