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An open-ended letter to the 2000+ Toyota Camry

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Dear 2000-or-higher Model Toyota Camry:

I wish you wouldn’t drive under the speed limit in the passing lane on the Beltway.

It’s not safe for you, it’s not safe for me, and it’s not safe for any other poor sucker on his or her way to work on Monday morning.

We are all in this together; united by the need to make a living in order to continue on each day. And if you drive under the speed limit in the passing lane on the Beltway, we may not survive our morning commute in order to get to the next day.

In the Midwest, most drivers seem to realize the inner-left lane is for passing. That, of course, means the outer lanes are for cruising. (Or, “Sunday drivers,” which was my parents’ way of saying “Idiot Drivers Who Drive Below the Speed Limit, Whether it’s Sunday or Not” when I was young). Why don’t we understand this simple principle of well-mannered driving in the East? Is it because we have no manners? Or, when we approach the big cities, we are too self-centered to think of anyone besides our Camry-driving selves?

So, please, Toyota Camrys of the world, move to the outer lanes of the highway when you feel the need to drive below the speed limit. It’s one less Sunday driver for the rest of the world to deal with.


MBA Candidate Who Has a College Kid’s Car Because of Student Loans


everybody hates vista

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Apparently Microsoft is replacing Windows Vista with Windows 7. It’s so disliked that Microsoft has decided to get rid of it…after unsuccessfully attempting to convince people that Vista is great.

Why does everyone hate on Vista? I actually like it. I really do. (And I’m not getting paid a cent to say so). I’ve had very few problems, maybe a glitch here or there, or an incompatibility issue every once in awhile, and it’s been pretty great for me. I’ve had PCs and I’ve had Macs and I like them both. I guess I probably prefer the Mac version of Adobe InDesign and Dreamweaver, and the typical artsy software, but the PC version works just fine, too.

I don’t get it. Why the hate?



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Eeyore's rain cloudBoth the ‘Horns and the ‘Skins lost this week. It’s been a disappointing 72 hours of football. I have a friend (who may or may not read this blog) who used to live and die by Texas football. And by “live and die,” I mean when the ‘Horns won, his week was bright and cheerful. And when the ‘Horns lost, he walked under his own grey personal raincloud for a few days…at least until tailgating began for the next Texas game. I don’t see this friend daily these days (now that I’m a “grownup”) but I assume very little has changed. 🙂

I had my own personal raincloud very briefly last night. But it is only expected; my football nation let me down. I recovered quickly, though. And now, here I am, starting over. Perhaps if Penn State or Alabama lose this Saturday, Texas will have a chance. And who knows what might happen with the ‘Skins…just have to snap up that wildcard for the playoffs. (I don’t even know how that works, so don’t call me out, please 🙂 ).