econ: 1, donna: 0

February 25th, 2008 by under Uncategorized. No Comments.

Last Monday we took an economics quiz that was apparently worth 20 percent of our grade. (I only realized it was worth 20 percent after I went home and checked out the syllabus two days later. Loyal readers, you might recall a previous blog post where I wondered where my motivation went? Here is the evidence). Anyway – a genius move on my part – I wrote that the Federal Reserve lowered interest rates to lower inflation. Brilliant! The Federal Reserve typically decreases interest rates when the economy is sluggish, and increases them to halt inflation. I don’t know what I was thinking. That sort of bonehead move results in losing a few points here and there.

Anyway, econ seems to have gotten the best of me this time. I actually made a good grade on the quiz, besides the fact that I made a really stupid mistake. A lot of my classmates seem to have made the same mistake too. Not that it makes me feel better. (Okay, maybe a little). 🙂

On Saturday I played in a volleyball tournament at James Madison University in Virginia. I’d forgotten how long the drive is. It’s only really about 2 hours, but for some reason I thought it was an hour. Nonetheless, I am recovered, and ready for what this week will bring. That is, everything except for today’s accounting quiz.