Why you need a Happiness Plan!

 One of the biggest challenges during an MBA program is not the course work or the lack of money or the big changes from being in the work world to being back in school and learning to sit still for 2 hours at a time. No, in my opinion, one of the biggest challenges is dealing with the emotional stress that comes from being in an MBA program and in particular as it relates to job hunting.

  Job Hunting by its very nature is a hard task for people not only because it requires a lot of time, and hard work, but because it touches some of our strongest emotions. Hope, Fear, Nervousness, Success, Validation. In fact, the range of emotions that can be had during the job search can swing the entire pendulum. As such managing these emotions might you biggest challenge rather than getting cover letters out, or conducting informational interviews and networking.

Your emotions during the job search can have a huge impact on both how you perform during an interview and how you handle the next steps of the process (whatever they may be.) Now, if things are going swell and splendid for you than congrats, go land that job! However, what should you do when a dream interview does not go as planned or you are in a really rough patch and it all seems like an uphill fight? That’s where this Happiness plan comes in.

  The goal of this plan is for you to come up with a way for you to return to an even keel so you can be emotionally prepared for the next stage of your job search whether that is the application or interview stages, etc. Ultimately, you are the best connoisseur of yourself so write down a few activities that make you happy whatever they are. (Some examples – but choose what makes YOU happiest – reading books, playing video games, going to a concert, cooking, exercising, painting, hanging with friends, going to a sporting event, etc).

What I am saying is that some of these activities might be what you do you for fun on any given night but what should be on your list are your ultimate happiness factors. Taking care of your emotional state during stressful periods of your life is perhaps one of the most important things you need to do. No one works or focuses well under high levels of stress and pressure. So make a plan, figure out what you will do if things don’t go your way so you can rebound and then successfully work on getting that job.

Thanks for reading as always!

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