Always be Ready to Interview

One of the more interesting quirks about job hunting comes from the fact that you can never quite be sure when a request to set up an interview will come your way. While certainly you want to always be ready and practicing, it is hard to keep up a state of perpetual readiness especially when approaching a temporary lull such as the holidays etc.

Indeed for this happened to me over Christmas break. As I was heading into exam week, I was looking forward to relaxing for a few days before Christmas and then getting back into the groove of things around the New Year as companies started up again. Well interestingly enough, a few days before my last exam I was suddenly asked to do an interview that week, and then after passing it, I was asked to do 3 more over the course of a three more weeks.

What was not so simple about this timeline is that it coincided with a planned family vacation and as such I found myself doing interviews from India with the company while on vacation. So while you can try to delay the interviews if it will really be detrimental to your success I would encourage you to be ready if this situation ever occurs. Here are some tips for you to consider as well.

1.  As such, remember to practice constantly and consistently, even if you have no interviews lined up because more often than not you don’t want to be surprised by the invite and not feel ready.

2.  When asked to interview in weird situations evaluate the risks and cons. Certainly, I felt a bit apprehensive about interviewing from India since I was not familiar with the country, and the fact that there was a 13.5 hour time zone difference, which meant I interviewed at midnight to get a 9 AM PST. Set up yourself to succeed but remember if you must refuse to interview on the company’s timeline for hiring that you might make it easier for them when considering your application and status.

3.  Always travel with a copy of your resume and other job stuff that you may or may not need such as business cards or spreadsheets that you are using. You don’t want to be caught off guard by simple requests.

 Good luck to all of you looking for jobs, Congrats to all who have found one, and thank you for reading!

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