Final Presentation Specs

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Q:  Can teams include backup slides at the end of their presentations?

A:  Final presentations are limited to 15 slides; however, teams may include backup slides at the end of their presentations to be used only in the event that the slides contain information (a chart, graph, etc.) that would be helpful in answering a question posed by the judges during the question and answer period.  The backup slides will not be distributed to the judges.

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Finalists Announced

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Congratulations to the following teams selected to advance to the final round of the Global Challenge!  In no particular order, they are:

Team 1: Seema Setia, Sangita Mehta, Arielle Samuels, Rodney Dalton

Team 2: Lynn Huynh, Tatiana Carett, Benjamin Johns

Team 3: Alice Ntambi, W. Nathanial Brown, Ngan Tuyet Nguyen, Daniel Branscome

Team 4: Samiya Edwards, Tzyy Yeh, Tara Nicholson, Naureen Kabir

Team 5: Peter Manda, Erin Nowak, Katherine Janes, Rebecca Stavros

Team 6: Amos Cruz, Ben Lydecker, Daniel Batlle, Sarina Gerson

Team 7: Bryan Stroube, Robert Vesco, Andrew Gendreau

Team 8: Eric Miller, Sean Luke, Mansi Deshpande, Brandon Pritchard

Best of luck in the final round!

Changes to Rules & Regulations

Please note several changes to the rules and regulations, available online at

– Section N, guidelines for submitting executive summaries and final PowerPoint presentations

– Section O, scoring criteria and points breakdown for final round judging

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Round One Submissions due Friday

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Just a quick reminder that Round One submissions for the Global Challenge are due no later than 5:00PM EST this Friday, March 5.
Your submission must be e-mailed to by that time.  The complete rules (available at contain the guidelines for formatting your submission and naming the file.  Please refer to this document, and let us know if you have any questions.
Good luck! We look forward to receiving your submission.

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Clarification – Role of Alternate

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There has been some confusion over the role of the designated team ‘alternate’ and the degree of participation allowed, so the Challenge organizers feel the need to clarify for all teams. 
Per the rules and guidelines, the person registered as an alternate should not participate in Challenge (including brainstorming, developing and writing the submission, etc.), UNLESS one of the core team members can no longer participate for some reason.  If this is the case, we need to be notified of the change immediately. The alternate’s name should not be on any submissions or presentations unless he or she has become a core team member and we have been notified.
We understand that due to the confusion, alternates may have participated up until this point in the Challenge.  Going forward, please abide by the language above, and let us know if you have any questions.

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Question on type of company

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Q:  Can the private company be a local tourism company that works nationwide in the selected country?

A:  Yes, the selected private sector partner can be a local company that operates nationwide.

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Eligibility Question – 3+2 programs

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Update on questions of eligibility —

Students who are currently enrolled in dual BA/MBA or BS/MBA programs are eligible for the Challenge, and do satisfy the MBA team requirement.

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Secretary Clinton's Remarks on Development in the 21st Century

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Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton recently addressed the Center for Global Development on why development in other countries matters to the American people and to our nation’s security and prosperity.

“Development was once the province of humanitarians, charities, and governments looking to gain allies in global struggles,” she said.  “Today it is a strategic, economic, and moral imperative – as central to advancing American interests and solving global problems as diplomacy and defense.”

With the backdrop of ongoing reviews of the nation’s development policy, Secretary Clinton outlined six steps that are being taken immediately to ensure that development “delivers lasting results for people at home and abroad.”

1.  Adopting a model based on partnership–“True partnership is based on shared responsibility,” she said.  This is more akin to investment, rather than aid.  Partnerships involve not only the countries in which we work, but other countries and governments working there, multilateral organizations like World Bank, nonprofits, foundations, universities and private companies.

2.  Elevating development and integrating it more closely with defense and diplomacy

3.  Improving coordination across all federal agencies

4.  Concentrating on “areas of convergence,” or sectors–and targeting investment toward developing technical expertise in a few key areas to achieve broad, sustainable change.

5.  Increasing U.S. investment in innovation–“exploring venture funds, credit guarantees, and other tools to encourage private companies to develop and market products and services that improve the lives of the poor.”

6.  Focusing more on investing in women and girls–one of the world’s “greatest untapped resources,” she said.

Read the entire transcript of the speech here.

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Question of Institutional Eligibility

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According to the official Challenge rules of eligibility, “The Challenge is open to students enrolled in a graduate program at an accredited U.S. college or university with an MBA program.”  This extends to include students who are enrolled in institutions that offer a Masters in International Business degree in lieu of an MBA.  Therefore any student enrolled in this particular program will also satisfy the requirement of at least one MBA student per team.

We encourage all potential participants to contact us at if they have similar questions regarding the eligibility of specific programs or institutions.

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Greetings, registrants! Welcome to the official Challenge blog.  We will use this medium throughout the coming months to post answers to any questions that apply to all teams, so please check back regularly.  We will also follow the Challenge throughout its two rounds, posting info on and for the teams selected to advance to the finals as well as the eventual winners.  Stay tuned for all the details!

Good luck to all the teams! We look forward to receiving your registrations (on or before February 5th at 5pm).

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