About the Bloggers – Summer 2014

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BoothJenna Booth Australian Summer Internship Program – Sydney, Summer Break

Hi, hello, welcome! My name is Jenna Booth and I just completed my sophomore year of college as I pursue a double degree in Marketing and Psychology. In addition to this, I am interested in consulting, social value creation, and human resource management. Besides immersing myself in academics, I am the VP of Terps Boxing Club and a Customer Service Supervisor for the Department of Resident Life. My time is pretty evenly split between those three things, and they all describe me pretty well, but beyond that…

I love sock monkeys, folding my ears, and public transportation (so much so that I found and “liked” the Facebook page for it). I wish I liked yoga, but I don’t. I have a pocket watch that I wear as a necklace. I drink my coffee black and lukewarm. I have way too many socks. I can’t wink, but as a child I did teach myself how to raise one eyebrow at a time, and now I’m really great at it.

GaldiJohn Galdi Australian Summer Internship Program – Sydney, Summer Break

Hello, everyone! My name is John Galdi and I will be studying abroad this summer in Sydney, Australia. I’m an Accounting and Finance double major at the Robert H. Smith School of Business, class of 2016. I’ll be traveling to Sydney to learn about the challenges and opportunities of international marketing and get a first-hand experience of their work environment through a six-week internship. I don’t typically travel internationally, so this is going to be a very exciting journey for me. On campus, I am an active member in many clubs and organizations, including the Phi Delta Theta fraternity. In my spare time, I enjoy getting outdoors and being active, watching sporting events, and, of course, eating.  I am very eager to experience the business and cultural differences between America and Australia, as well as expand my personal horizons as an individual. Hopefully you will join me on this journey and read about some of my life-changing experiences through this blog. I’m very anxious to go Down Under! See you when I get back!

Alice bio picAlice Lu Australian Summer Internship Program – Sydney, Summer Break

Hey guys! My name is Alice Lu and I’m currently in pursuit of a double degree in International Business and Finance with a minor in Sustainability Studies. I’ll be studying abroad and interning for an international company for 10 weeks this summer right in the heart of Sydney! I hope to take advantage of my time and location here as much as possible because how often does one come down under right? I’m excited to see how Sydney’s business culture compares to America’s business culture. I also am interested in seeing how the people culture (slang, personality, dress code, food, morals, etc) compare to most of the people in America. I love to travel whenever possible because in this global world today, you’re never going to stop encountering some sort of globalization in your life. That’s why I think it’s important to educate and make myself aware of as many different cultures as possible so I’m prepared for the upcoming. At school, I’m involved in the club running team, TerpRunners, as well as the Delta Gamma Fraternity. In my free time, I love to run, go to DC, be active outside, get homework done, catch up on some of my shows, hang out with my sisters, and most of all get a solid meal in. As anxious as I am for the next 10 weeks, it’s going to be an amazing eye-opening experience and I can’t wait to share every step with you!

PetriRoel Petri European Entrepreneurship, Munich and London, Summer Break

Hi Everyone! My name is Roel and I am a senior accounting major at the Robert H. Smith School of Business. My goal is to become a CPA upon graduation, and work my way up the corporate ladder at one of Americas top 500 companies. I enjoy traveling and meeting new people, so I am excited to go on this trip. One of my favorite things when traveling is to blend in and participate in local activities. I feel that is the best way to experience the local culture and traditions.

WilkinsonRyan Wilkinson European Entrepreneurship, Munich and London, Summer Break

Hey everyone! My name is Ryan Wilkinson and at the beginning of this summer I will be studying abroad in Munich and London. I am a Junior majoring in Marketing and Management.  I’m interested in Entrepreneurship and am excited to see where this course abroad will take me. I look forward to seeing first hand how business is done in other countries with visits to BMW and Northface throughout my trip. I hope to combine my experiences from the classroom with the experiences I will gain from this trip to give myself a more global perspective. I can’t wait to travel and stay tuned for all of my blogging!

Victoria ZhaoVictoria ZhaoMaryland Social Entrepreneur Corps — EcuadorSummer Break

Hello everyone! My name is Victoria Zhao and I am a rising sophomore at the Robert H. Smith School of Business, pursuing a dual degree in Finance and Government and Politics with a minor in Spanish Language, Business, and Cultures. This summer, I will be interning with Social Entrepreneur Corps for eight weeks in three different regions in Ecuador, working to assist rural communities and support local microenterprises. In addition to the unique international development experience that I will gain, I am also particularly eager to immerse myself in a completely new culture! I absolutely cannot wait to experience Latin America for the first time. My typical day to day international adventures consist of traveling the world via Instagram, so I am extremely excited to spend the summer in Ecuador (and take lots of photos of my own)!