About the Bloggers – Spring 2013


Abdul AdesinaAbdul Adesina Munich and Rome, Summer Break

My name is Abdul Lateef Adesina. I am double majoring in Accounting and Supply Chain Management. I will graduate in December 2013.


Jose ArevaloJose Arevalo  Nicaragua, Winter

I am a business student at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, College Park, who is looking to pursue a career in Accounting and Finance. While I enjoy math, my true passion lies with music. Since I was young, I have seen music as way to stay interconnected with my culture and native language–Spanish. I am the son of parents who emigrated from El Salvador to the United States in pursuit of better life opportunities. Growing up in the Hispanic suburbs of Hyattsville, Maryland, I have had the opportunity to use my experiences as a way to become a role model in my community.

Danielle BalsamoDanielle Balsamo Paris and Amsterdam, Spring Break 

Hi! I am Danielle Balsamo and I am a senior majoring in supply chain management and marketing.  This spring I will be traveling to two amazing destinations, Paris and Amsterdam, to explore global design, innovation, marketing and their economic interrelationships.  On campus I am a proud member of a co-ed business fraternity, Phi Chi Theta, and I am in two Smith Fellows Programs: The Design and Innovation Marketing Fellows program and the Supply Chain Management Fellows Program.  I enjoy spending time with friends and family, reading, baking, and traveling to new places.  I am very excited to explore both Paris and Amsterdam and cannot wait to learn more about the influence of design in European business practices!

Katarina Belinicher China, Winter

Hi,my name is Katarina Belinicher and I am a Supply Chain Management Major in the Robert H. Smith School of Business. I live in New Jersey and my hobbies include tennis, swimming, and travelling. I’m going to China as a part of the QUEST program and I couldn’t be any more excited.


Saakshe BhandariSaakshe Bhandari Munich and Rome, Summer Break

Hello Everyone! My name is Saakshe Bhandari and I am currently finishing up my last few weeks as a junior in college. I am majoring in Management with specialization in Entrepreneurship at the Smith School of Business at the Shady Grove Campus. This summer I will be traveling to Italy and Germany, and this will be my very first time studying abroad. I am beyond excited to learn about many different cultures, and gain a better understanding of what it is like to do business in another country. During my time abroad, I plan to expose myself to diverse personalities and ideas, while blogging about it along the way. I am looking forward to sharing my experiences with everyone and also looking back at it in the future! Like they say, memories last a lifetime!

Jesse Buchman SKEMA Business School, France, Semester Exchange

Hello all! My name is Jesse Buchman and I am an International Business and Supply Chain major at the University of Maryland Smith School of Business. I will be studying in Antibes, France and attending the SKEMA Business School. My goals are to improve my proficiency in French, broaden my perspective by living in a foreign environment, and explore potential opportunities for doing business in Europe. My interests include sports, guitar, travel, business, reading and writing. I am thrilled to have a forum to describe my abroad experience… feel free to live vicariously through all of the bloggers on this site!

Molly Bumbera2Molly Bumbera Paris and Amsterdam, Spring Break
Hi! My name is Molly Bumbera and I am a senior accounting and marketing double major at the Smith School of Business from Ellicott City, Maryland.  I am currently involved with a few organizations around campus.  I am a member of the Smith Design and Innovation in Marketing Fellows Program, I am a member of the Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority and actively help with the Membership Recruitment process, I am a Peer Ambassador for the Office of Global Programs at the Smith School to promote studying abroad, and I am a student ambassador at UMD for the American University of Rome.  Studying abroad and learning about the world around me has always been a passion of mine.  I spent last spring in Rome, Italy where I was able to expand my horizons and not only learn about another culture but also learn about myself.  This spring, I am traveling abroad with other students to Paris and Amsterdam on the Business School’s short-term Spring Break program to study French and Dutch design and culture.  I could not be more ecstatic to combine my love of marketing and fashion with my passion for learning more about other cultures!

Sherry Feng China, Winter

Hi! I’m Sherry Feng, a junior at the Robert H. Smith School of Business studying Finance and International Business. I am a member of QUEST’s Cohort 19 and I am a Teaching Assistant for Business Statistics. I enjoy being involved with many extracurricular activities on campus, primarily TerpWushu, a martial arts sports club, and I spend my free time doing crafts and art, baking, and hanging out with friends. I am very interested in global studies, and hope to travel more in the future.

Marissa Goon Nicaragua, Winter

Hi! I am a junior majoring in Finance, Information Systems, and Psychology. I hope to pursue micro financing and work with non-profits, specifically with AmeriCorps.  This winter I am going to Nicaragua to work with non-profits and entrepreneurs to assist in improving their businesses and their communities.  This summer, I have an internship with Ernst and Young and plan on graduating in the Spring of 2013.


Christoper Grant Dubai, Spring Break

My name is Christopher Grant and I am a senior Accounting and Operations Management Major at the Robert H. Smith School of Business. I am a member of the Dean’s Student Advisory Board, the current President of the Black Business Association and in the Gemstone Program. I am extremely excited about this opportunity to travel abroad. I have never been abroad yet in life and I love that this experience allows me to travel abroad to Dubai as I prepare for graduation. This is the perfect way to graduate. Dubai here I come!

Gaurav Gupta National Taiwan University, Taiwan, Semester Exchange

Hi, my name is Gaurav Gupta. I am a third year student majoring in Finance and Japanese. I love being active and seeking adventure! I hope to have a memorable semester in Taiwan.


Olga Kushnir University of Navarra, Spain, Semester Exchange

Hello! I am studying abroad in Pamplona, Spain at the University of Navarra. I am a junior finance major with a minor in Spanish. I’m very excited to go abroad to strengthen my Spanish speaking skills and hope to come back to the United States in June almost fluent. I was born in Ukraine and came to the United States when I was six years old. I love learning about other cultures and I’m looking forward to continuing my cross-cultural education and mastering the Spanish language in Pamplona, Spain!

Eitan Lefkowitz China, Winter

I am a senior chemical engineering major at the university and a QUEST honors fellow.  My academic interests lie in the overlap of science and business, making my major coupled with the QUEST program a perfect combination. I enjoy traveling abroad, and have spent time in Israel and India.  Through my upcoming study abroad experience, I am excited about learning about international business and the ability to submerge myelf into a foreign culture.

Caitlin MorahanCaitlin Morahan Munich and Rome, Summer Break

Hi! My name is Caitlin Morahan and I am a junior studying finance here at the Robert H. Smith School of Business. I am active on campus in many organizations. I am a Vice President in my sorority, Delta Gamma, an Ambassador for the College of Letters and Sciences, and a Teaching Assistant for Information Systems. I enjoy playing tennis, swimming, and going to the beach when I am back home on Long Island. Traveling is another one of my passions. This summer I will be interning at Morgan Stanley in New York City as an Operations Analyst.

Abby Murray Thailand, Winter

Abby Murray is a senior from Silver Spring, MD majoring in International Business and minoring in Spanish language. Before becoming a business major, she served as a Peer Leader and Teaching Assistant for a freshman class in Market and Societies, a pre-business program. She has served on the Carapace team, a student ambassador program in the UMD alumni association. As a member of Alpha Chi Omega Sorority, she has served as the Greek Week and Homecoming Week Coordinator for the past two years.  Abby spent the past summer interning for Sony Music in NYC in the International Marketing Department and waitressing at The Red Lion in Greenwich Village.  Next semester, Abby will an intern for Mission Measurement, a strategy consulting firm that helps clients to create value through social change, in the Washington D.C.

Ben O’Toole University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Semester Exchange

This semester in Hong Kong will be my first experience outside of North America and I could not be more excited. I grew up in Wheaton, Maryland and decided to go college only 11 miles away, making this trip my first real independent adventure. I plan on continuing my pursuit of double majoring in accounting and statistics, and am looking forward to a great semester abroad.


Paige PenningtonPaige Pennington Munich and Rome, Summer Break

I am a junior accounting major at the Robert H. Smith School of business. I plan on gradating next May and taking the CPA exam before I start working. This upcoming summer I will be interning for Pricewaterhouse Coopers upon my return from Europe. I am thankful that the business school offers program that allows me to study abroad and intern all in one summer. Outside of school, I am member of Kappa Delta sorority and have heard great things about all of Smith’s study abroad programs from girls who have gone on them in past years. I am excited to experience some of my family’s rich German and Italian heritage.


Annette SchiblerAnnette Schibler Paris and Amsterdam, Spring Break

I am a junior Accounting and Supply Chain Major at the Smith School. I am very excited to travel to Paris and Amsterdam to learn more about French and Dutch culture and design. This spring break course will bring me closer to reaching the 150 credits I need to take the CPA after I graduate in May 2014. This summer, I will be interning at KPMG in their federal audit practice. I have never been to Paris or Amsterdam before and I am confident that I will make lasting memories there.

Adam SchnitzerAdam Schnitzer Munich and Rome, Summer Break

Hello! My name is Adam Schnitzer and I am a sophomore International Business Major at the Robert H. Smith School of Business. I am a proud member of the Greek community at Maryland as a brother of Phi Sigma Kappa, I enjoy backpacking and exploring nature along with getting caught up in the excitement of city life. I am extremely excited about this opportunity to travel abroad to two beautiful and thriving countries. I have been fortunate enough to travel abroad with my family but this experience will have a whole new perspective that I can’t wait to see. As I get ready to study abroad in Copenhagen for my fall semester, I believe my time in Rome and Munich will give me the strong basis to study the European Union when I am in Denmark. The weather, the food, the fun, I am so excited to go with my fellow Smith peers into a whole new culture. This is the perfect way to enjoy my summer break. Italy and Germany here I come!

DSC05412_副本 (1)Susan Shen Dubai, Spring Break

Hello everyone! My name is Susan and I’m a senior majoring in Information Systems and Operations Management here at the Robert H. Smith School of Business. I love to travel and am curious in learning about different societies, cultures, and its people. I belong to Global Communities, a Living-Learning Program here at UMD that focuses on the topic of globalization. I value diversity and cross-cultural communication and I love meeting new people from around the globe. That is why I am super excited about my upcoming adventure in Dubai this Spring Break! I am thankful that UMD offers a wide variety of study abroad opportunities that students can choose from to help broaden their global perspective. Can’t wait to pack my suitcase and explore what the world has to offer!

Camila Silva

Camila Silva Paris and Amsterdam, Spring Break

I am a business management student at the Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, College Park and my future goal is to have a career in Fashion and Luxury goods management. I was born in Brasília, Brazil, lived in Maputo, Mozambique for two years and a half, and I have been in the US for almost five years. I have always loved Paris, even though I have never been to Europe but Paris has always held a dear place in my heart. This will be my last Spring Break as an undergraduate, and probably the best of them all. This study abroad is my match, the perfect combination between my passion for Fashion and Luxury goods and travel.

Melissa Truong RMIT, Australia, Semester Exchange

I am a junior at UMD double majoring in Finance and Biology.  Soon, I will be hanging up my figure skates to head down under and study abroad in Melbourne, Australia.  Having lived in Maryland my entire life, I am extremely excited to go out-of-state (well in this case, it’s also out-of-country, but that’s just semantics, right?).  Goodbye Maryland and hello Melbourne!


Suzanne Vernon Bocconi University, Italy, Semester Exchange

I am a Junior, Supply Chain and Marketing Major. I am studying abroad in Milan, Italy at Bocconi University through the Smith School exchange program. I will be sharing all my adventures and culturally enriched experiences through this blog.


Yishu WangYishu Wang Dubai, Spring Break 

Hello, my name is Yishu Wang, a junior studying Accounting and Finance. I am a global citizen since I am very open to different cultures and I am in love with travelling. I went to Uganda, Africa with Capital One Leadership Internship Program during my sophomore spring break. I spent my whole winter break in Europe. I am from Asia, and I am going to Dubai for my junior spring break! During my trips, I learnt that everyone from different cultures has a different but aspiring story. So if you are willing to learn and listen, you will be inspired!

Lauren Wittig Thailand, Winter

Hi! My name is Lauren Wittig and I am a senior Marketing and Supply Chain Management double major in the Robert H. Smith School of Business. Although I stand as a proud Syracuse native, I have come to love the culture and traditions of the state and the University of Maryland. On campus I have the pleasure to be a part of a co-ed business fraternity, Phi Chi Theta, sorority, Delta Phi Epsilon, and on the executive board of terpAMA (American Marketing Association). In my free time I love being with friends and family, of course, and also pursuing spontaneous activities that surround history, art and traveling. I am blessed to be going on this Thailand trip and cannot wait for what is to come!

Emmeline Zhu China, Winter

Hi everyone, my name is Emmeline and I am a sophomore studying Electrical Engineering here at the University of Maryland. I’m from Ellicott City, Maryland and I have a twin brother, an older half sister, and two loving parents. I love exploring, eating new foods, and shopping, which is why I am so excited to study abroad in Hong Kong, Shen Zhen, and Guang Zhou this winter term. I hope that you all will enjoy my blog as much as I enjoyed making it!

Rebecca Zubajlo China, Winter

I am a bioengineering sophomore. I am in the QUEST honors program as well as the Gemstone honors program. I am studying abroad in China as part of the QUEST program. I have never been outside of the United States prior to this trip.