Deeper dive into the Lion City

It has been a fantastic few weeks here in Singapore. Since my last blog post, I have done a better job of familiarizing myself with the streets of Singapore and adjusting to how I get around each and every day.

Work has been an overall great experience, and I am getting more involved with my coworkers. My manager gives me a new mentor every one to two weeks, so I always have someone to field questions about the company or about how I should be completing my work. I’ll be working on a few different projects throughout the course of the summer, and am currently working on the second (notification application for contract renewal). I’m proud of myself for developing genuine and positive relationships with my coworkers, even though I am much younger than them and from a faraway place. We usually just talk about what I like to do back in the States, and some of them are curious about how I am spending my few weekends in Singapore.

Other than work, I am still having fun exploring Singapore. I have been using my passion for photography and videography to fuel my morning and night explorations around the city. Sometimes I have to go by myself – I like to revisit spots my friends have already been to in order to get the perfect shot! This weekend, my friends and I visited Cebu, Philippines and went on a canyoneering adventure. I was slightly scared to jump off of a 15m waterfall, but my entire squad ended up making the jump. I’m extremely glad we got to experience another country, but am also glad to be back home in Singapore!


Definitely looking forward to exploring the city more, and taking more pictures!

I took and edited this picture of my friend Ansley!

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