Our Journey…

By Aimee King

We start our journey with great enthusiasm anticipating our trip to Japan and working together as a team. We have shared many thoughts on how we’ll approach our trip and what to expect. I have spent some time in Japan prior to our trip and here are a few thoughts to prepare us for the experience.

To me, Japan is a land of inspiration and wonder. The unexpected exists in everything, from the Japanese language to the street art. Often, it can be overwhelming at first; however, the sights, sounds, finding your way around is not apparent at first, but once you acclimate to the environment, it’s quite orderly. Take time to observe to appreciate it thoroughly carefully.

In Tokyo, the transit system is like none other I have experienced. Here is a game I played, go to Shinjuku and closed your eyes. The rhythm of the crowd and the order just flowed me to where I needed to go.

Few tidbits of data the class have shared with me as part of your guide:

1. Trains are the best mode of travel
2. Don’t be afraid to ask for directions; a portable Wi-Fi is always your best friend
3. The train system is vast, and most of the time you have the best meal within the shops of the metro system.
4. The alleyways for secret passages and stores
5. Moreover, don’t forget to look up. The most intriguing things are on the buildings

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