Day 1 In Cape Town – Langa

Day 1:

If I told a South African that my best memory from Cape Town came from a township, they would either think I’m crazy or that I am joking.

When we arrived at our guesthouse, we then went to our first class session, where we were then introduced to our lovely instructor Melanie. We did introductions and briefly went over expectations for our first day, little did I know that this day would shape my view of Cape Town. We headed out to one of the major townships in South Africa, Langa. Now when we think of a township, we think of danger, crime, poverty, and sadness. What we experienced was nothing that we expected. We were greeted with radical hospitality and taken around Langa by the locals, who treated us as guests rather than tourists. As we went around we experienced how innovative people can be when they are given little to no options. We had, what most of us on the trip would argue to be our best meal at the Mzansi Resturant where we listened to a band play as we filled our stomach and souls with the delicious food.

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