DAY 7 – Shanghai Trade Zone and LEGO

By: Ja’Nel Edens, MBA Candidate 2018
Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Do you know about Shanghai’s Free Trade Zone?
It’s the first free-trade zone in mainland China. The zone introduces several economic improvements and reforms to support companies trading goods in China.  The zone seeks to enhance foreign investment, logistics, warehouse occupancy, factory development, licensing requirements, custom regulations, and foreign exchange restrictions. Students had a chance to learn about the zone’s negative list and how companies within various industries are benefiting from the initiative. The visit also included a stop by one of the wine trading exhibition halls located within the zone.

Following our visit to the Shanghai Free Trade Zone came was a meeting with Lego China. The toy company which focuses on ‘good quality play’, made China a priority 2 years ago. China provides a unique opportunity for Lego to reach more children.

Smith students learned how the company leverages China’s unique digital ecosystem to bring their products to Chinese consumers.  

The company has positioned themselves as a premium and safe quality toy maker, a distinguishable attribute amongst other toy companies. We also learned about how Lego is responding to demographic challenges in China and ways they’re cultivating capabilities to meet local demands.

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