A Weekend in Iceland

This past weekend I got the opportunity to travel to Iceland. This was by far my favorite trip so far. This country is so different than the other European countries, which adds to its beauty. Iceland is a quiet, and peaceful country with super friendly  people. We rented a car for three days and drove all over. The first day we did the Golden Circle, where you can see geysers, a national park, and a crater. This drive took around 10 hours. The second day, we drove down south and it was amazing.

The south of Iceland was my favorite part. We went on a 14 hour road trip and I don’t regret any of it. Here, we saw 3 waterfalls, 2 glaciers, and horses. The glacier was definitely my favorite thing that I saw. I have never seen anything like it. Everything in Iceland is so different. The landscapes and weather change within minutes, which is incredible. My friend and I were saying how it looks like another planet. Overall, Iceland is so peaceful. There’s one main road that goes around the Iceland, and one can go 20

minutes without seeing another car. It was amazing.

The only downside of traveling to Iceland is how expensive everything is. The flights and hotels were not that expensive, but everything that you buy IN Iceland is extremely overpriced. Every restaurant that we passed had plates for $25+. We decided to eat at subway since we wanted to save money, and I ended up paying $20 for a footlong. I was in shock. The rest of the days we went to the grocery store and ate turkey sandwiches out of our car’s trunk.

I had such an amazing time and would definitely go back to this beautiful country!


PS: I made a video, if you want to watch it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4e3jP9MFg70&t=4s


Hi! My name is Mariana Avila and I am a junior majoring in finance and marketing. I am studying in Madrid, Spain this spring semester.

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