Visiting Germany’s Premium Research Organization – Franhofer!

By: Abhijeet Jhala,Smith MBA Candidate, 2018

We got a chance to visit Franhofer HHI Berlin Institute – a premium research organization. I must say we prepared well (through Cases and In-Class discussions in the UMD campus) for this visit and we already knew a lot about Franhofer prior to getting there.  

Franhofer is Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization which is mainly funded by the German government, and works in tight collaboration with the private sector. The institute that we visited in Berlin engages in research and development in the field of Smart Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Immersive Technology.

Smith Students got to check out and play with some of the research projects at Franhofer these includes:

  • #SmartData project which involves analyzing real time text/sentiment analysis of #TwitterFeed# data and using the learnings to visualize and predict road casualties
  • Capturing a 3D model from physical object
  • 3D-Without-Glasses technology which lets you experience VR 3D without wearing glasses
  • Immersive medical display system which lets Doctors interact with patient data with gestures.
  • Last but not the least, we had an opportunity to experience videos that were recorded using Omni-Cam – a multi-camera system developed by Franhofer that allows live recording of 360 D panoramic content and uses a proprietary technology which allows parallax-free image stitching of scenes.  

We must say, revisiting the Germany-Argentina FIFA 2014 finals recorded by Omni-Cam was quite a thrilling experience!

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