London: Less Stress, Less Busy

Office View

View from the EY London office


By Bethany Scheerer

I made it safety to London after my first international flight. While in London, the group had the opportunity to visit the global headquarters of EY. The most interesting part of the visit was hearing about the recruiting process. Recently, EY in the UK switched to strengths-based recruiting. They no longer look at grades as a measure of who should be employed. Rather, they look for people possessing the strengths needed on the job. Clare Tomkins, a recruiter on the London Team, explained that EY defines strengths as something you enjoy, do well, and do often. From her experience interviewing candidates, strengths are evident when an interviewee displays passion and is able to speak about their personal experiences eloquently.

There are different programs that students can apply for if they are interested in EY London. First is the Discover EY program, which is similar to an externship and lasts two days. Other programs are the EY Summer Internship and the EY Industrial Placement. Finally, EY offers a Graduate Program, where participants work for three years to become a chartered accountant. I was surprised to learn that no accounting background is needed to start working at EY or to become a chartered account. Hires still take classes about accounting which EY provides, but they can enter the firm without any prior accounting knowledge. Another memorable comment was made by a young EY associate who said that in the UK, when you are working more than 50 hours a week, management flags the project and tries to put another person on the team because they recognize it is more work than the team can handle. This cultural difference stood out because in the US, this would be looked at as normal busy season and simply something you have to get through. It is easy to forget there are cultural differences between the US and the UK. I enjoyed visiting London to experience some of these differences. The pictures show some of the sight-seeing I was able to do during the free time when there were no professional visits.


Buckingham Palace


Crown Jewels at the Tower of London

St. Paul's

On top of St. Paul’s Cathedral

British Museum

Mummy exhibition at the British Museum

Fish and Chips

Fish & Chips

View of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, and Big Ben from the London Eye

View of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, and Big Ben from the London Eye

221 Baker Street and the Sherlock Holmes Museum

221 Baker Street and the Sherlock Holmes Museum

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