Saying Farewell to UAE

By: Nikita Jeswani, Smith School MBA Candidate
January 12, 2018

Smith students had the day to themselves to continue to explore UAE culture and tourism. Many wandered the souks in search of trinkets and spices to take him as souvenirs. Others soaked up the sun at the luxury beaches scattered across the coast line, while others still ventured out to the camel races to experience the UAE’s biggest sport.

We regrouped one last time for a Dhow cruise and farewell dinner on the beautiful Dubai Creek. A dhow is an Arabic style wooden boat, historically used as a trading vessel to transport merchandise along the Gulf, East Africa, and South Asia. While it is hotly debated by historians whether or not the dhow is an Indian or Arab invention, Muslims are credited with a number of important inventions of our time. In 2010, the London Science Museum profiled 1001 of these in a special exhibition, including: surgery, coffee, algebra, music, the toothbrush, and the crank.

Many students headed straight to the airport from our group dinner and said a final goodbye to the UAE.


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