JBS and Natura

By: Skyler C. DeWalt, Smith MBA Candidate, 2018


Yesterday was the first day of company visits in Sao Paulo and they did not disappoint!

This morning we had the amazing opportunity to meet with Jerry O’Callaghan, who currently serves as Chairman of JBS—the largest meat processor in the world. He shared some incredible insight into JBS’s storied growth and its ability to apply successful practices from Brazil to new markets. Given its enormous presence in Brazil and the United States, the firm has a vast amount of experience doing business in both environments. The presentation also provided a lot of context about the meat industry and its connection to the global economy, such as how modern technologies or shifting regulatory landscapes might impact costs.

We then spent the afternoon learning about Brazil’s largest cosmetics company, Natura. While the company relies on a direct-selling model in Brazil (similar to Avon in the US), our hosts explained how Natura’s distribution model has evolved over time. They also elaborated on the firm’s strategy for entering developed markets abroad, as well as its social projects and sustainability efforts.

Natura also took us on a tour of a factory and other facilities, while elaborating on the labor environment of Brazil.

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