MBA Global Studies in Brazil

By Kirstin Herman

Did you know that Brazil shares a border with all South American countries, with the exception of Chile? Brazil is also the largest country in South America. Although Brasilia is the nation’s capital, the largest city is Sao Paulo, which will serve as the starting point for the Smith School’s MBA Global Studies Brazil program, which will conclude in Rio de Janeiro.

An increase in globalization compounded with the huge commercial potential in Brazil make it increasingly important to understand the opportunities and challenges in Brazil’s business climate. The challenges, however, should not be underestimated, which is why it is also imperative to learn about Brazilian culture; given its geographic location and history, Brazilian culture is extremely rich and diverse. The global studies program will consist of both cultural and company components in both cities. As part of the program, students will be completing consulting projects for local Brazilian companies and will be communicating with company contacts throughout the project, which will be completed prior to arrival in Brazil. The cultural visits will include marketplace activities and a tour of Sao Paulo, visiting the Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro, and traditional dinners with live music.

In tandem with the consulting projects, a number of other preparations need to be conducted prior to departure. These include checking vaccinations (i.e. yellow fever), coordinating post-program activities, obtaining tourist visas, and purchasing airline tickets. Additionally, students must also attend intermittent pre-session courses to learn about international business risks, best practices, and methods for assessing cultural dimensions of a given country.

We will be sharing our experiences before, during, and after the trip via social media. To follow our journey and learn more about Brazil’s rich culture and business practices, be sure to follow our Instagram account @terps.take.brazil.

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