When I first began at the University of Maryland Smith School of Business I was very fascinated about studying abroad. I knew that it was an exciting opportunity to experience a new culture while developing relationships through education. Due to my passion for studying abroad, I actively sought out every information session and spoke with numerous representatives to get a better understanding of what awaits. This is something extremely new to me and I wanted to make sure that this could make a long-lasting impact on my life. I want to use this opportunity to not only diversify myself in international financial markets but bring knowledge to those that were not able to come. The thought of studying in another country is very exciting, and I cannot wait.   


When I came to the United States from Nigeria, I was more than amazed by the resources and opportunities that people have at their disposal. I told myself that I would be steadfast and maximize every chance I get. This is one of the reasons why I decided to follow my dream of studying in the United Kingdom and Belgium. I have always wanted to experience the culture, food, fashion, and everything the United Kingdom and Belgium have to offer. This is the chance for a new start and a new beginning.


Although I am very excited to travel overseas, I am very frightened to travel alone. This is the first time flying on a plane by myself. As the journey gets closer I’m getting more nervous to leave my friends and family. I will need to get out of my comfort zone and confront my fear head-on. This will allow me to grow as an individual. I know when I’m away from my family, I get homesick. 


Regardless of how I’m feeling, I am extremely thrilled about this new journey. I am excited to learn the languages, cultures and experience the sceneries. I will also need to get acclimated to the transportation system since it differs from the U.S. Also, sadly since its winter there, I wouldn’t be getting any break from the cold weather. Europe is well known for its designer apparel and unique fashion. As a fashion designer, this is exhilarating to see it first hand. I’ve constructed a daily planner for which landmarks, restaurants, and stores that I want to visit. Just like how I maximize my time during college, I want to do the same academically and socially while abroad. Studying abroad is not just about enjoyment but about learning through experience by immersing yourself with the people of these countries. This will allow me to be independent and to grow personally and academically. 


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