A Quick Bite

The food people eat can say a lot about their culture.

The Lion CIty’s main places to eat street food are its hawker centres. In Singapore, hawker centres are essentially long chains of food stalls put together to create a giant food court. I learned it is the best place to enjoy high quality food at affordable prices. It could be a quick bite, or I could have a full course. With a wide array of different local cuisines, Maxwell Hawker Centre is one of the more well-known hawker centres for its reputable hawker stalls, like the Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice. Nearby, Chinatown Complex Hawker Centre has over 250 hawker¬†stalls, and embodies the local Chinese lifestyle.

Maxwell Hawker Centre

One of Singapore’s most famous and national dish is Hainamese chicken rice. It is an adaptation of a dish named Wenchang chicken from Hainan province in southern China. I was interested to find many of Singapore’s food have influence from Hainan, like their Hainanese kaya jam.

Hainanese Chicken Rice

I look forward to trying new food in Singapore, and I admire their appreciation for food.


Hey! I'm Adam, a Supply Chain Management student graduating in 2019. For 2 months, I worked for Caterpillar Inc.'s Industry Solutions, Components & Distribution Division (ISCD) at their Singapore location via the Global Summer Internship Program. Studying abroad is fun and provides the skills necessary to master my craft. I'll try my best to give insight into Singapore!

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