Bougie Weekend


Grape juice

This week, we decided to be bougie. We went to Waiheke Island on Saturday and the Botanical Gardens/Auckland War Museum on Sunday. Turns out Waiheke is THE go-to spot for being bougie…we hiked in leggings, sneakers, and t-shirts but on the ferry ride over, we saw people in dresses and outfits so bizarre they had to be expensive. Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper hike if we were on time- so we got lost for 2 hours. Saw one US flag while lost though- all worth it. Once we hiked what felt like the whole island, we got to the wineries. It was really interesting to see all the grape trees. They were all uniform in shape, distribution, everything! Sadly, it had just started raining when we were finished with lunch else we could’ve gone to the 220 meter long zip line.


Speaking of rain. Rain has been THE biggest pain for us so far. For some reason it’d be beautiful and sunny for all the weekdays while we’re working in the office but would rain rain rain ALL weekend. I knew when I arrived and it rained for 4 days straight that it wasn’t a good sign. At this point, I swear mother nature has something against us. Even when there was only a 10% chance of rain for the weekend, it’d still rain?? Tldr: Do not come in the winter when it rains all weekend-long. I’ll be coming back only for New Zealand summers.

-Okok, end of tangent-

It’s a “no” from me

So on Sunday (it also started raining btw), we went to the botanical gardens and Auckland museum. We had wanted to go earlier because a coworker at the office told us his wife worked for the museum and were finally able to find time for it this weekend! Though the official name of it is the Auckland War Museum, there was more than just info on the war which makes sense since the Axis powers never physically reached New Zealand. What drew my attention the most however wasn’t the special butterfly exhibit but rather the Women’s “Are We There Yet” Exhibit. Despite being more of the more equitable nations, it was clear that no, we women are NOT there yet. All-in-all, the museum gave us a clearer grasp of Auckland and New Zealand’s history and thus culture. If you’d like more info on the museum, I did another blog post here:

Gotta love those cross promos


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