First Day At Work….


The on the way back from work. (This is a train station!)

It’s weird to think I’ve been here a week doing basically nothing and that I have to be wake up at 7 and be at WORK every day at 9am. It was a bit of a rough start. Firstly, they weren’t expecting me on Monday when I went. So that was fun. I “shadowed” people at work and saw how different people around the office work though so it was a good learning experience at least. Tuesday, I followed a service technician out- the company I work for has multiple sectors (fire, security, locks&safe) but the techs go out and do the work. Simon, the guy I was with, took me to two commercial sites where he dealt with the security systems and fixed them up. We went to a private home as well but unfortunately the man was quite grumpy. I was told by both Simon and the other technician on site that I can chill in the company car and wait. It’s cool that the company has field days like this not only for me but for everyone though- you can see what’s really happening and how it all connects. The next day was when work “actually” started. Although my contract said I was going to be in a marketing position, I was put in the finance team with two supervisors: Peter and Claudia. EVENTUALLY when I get my log-in access, I’ll be doing some serious helping out with finance!

Overall, several things have already stood out to me about NZ.

  1. The people are very friendly, welcoming, and casual. I’ve been treated to coffees and lunches in addition to getting offered rides back home. It humbles me and I’ve just felt continuously grateful to be here.
  2. The work culture is more relaxed (there’s a compulsory morning tea and afternoon tea time!)
  3. The food is great. All the restuarants have been extremely clean (all rated A!). Movenpick, and ice cream place, has this crème brulee ice cream that is the CREAMEIST ice cream I’ve ever tasted. I’ve fallen in love. I’ll come back to the US and will be 20 lbs heavier.
  4. The scenery just keeps getting prettier and prettier with every new place I visit.

I think it’d be good to just have a list of the places I’ve crossed off and where I would like to visit next just to keep track, so:

  • Marine Museum
  • Art gallery
  • Waiheke
  • Auckland Zoo
  • The beaches
  • Hot springs!
  • Sylvia Park, Viaducts, IcE CREAM PARLORS, And work, probably


Just as a side note: I don’t think NZ has any dry deodorant or any women’s shaving cream. I’m quite shooken up about it.


I'm a rising junior triple majoring in Finance, Ops, and Economics. Having studied abroad in Berlin, Germany for the summer of 2016, I am now heading to Auckland, New Zealand for an internship during summer 2018. Stay tuned for more!For a more linear layout of my posts, check out the link under the website section!

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